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Decisions, decisions: Choosing wedding flowers

Getting married is one of the most special events in anybody’s life. As such, weddings are usually meticulously planned right down to the last detail to ensure nothing will go wrong on the day.

One of the most important factors of such preparations for the bride-to-be is to pick her dress and the bridesmaids’. This can take weeks of searching, comparing options, discussing choices with all concerned and fittings – until the final dream choice is made.

Naturally, finding the right kind of wedding flowers will take as much consideration. They not only have to be beautiful, they need to be matched to the overall colour scheme of things. No bride on the planet would wish for her or her bridesmaids’ bouquets to clash with the dresses for starters.

One of the decisions to be made is whether to order bouquets to be made professionally or create them at home, an option many brides go for. Creating beautiful homemade bouquets is not as challenging as it may seem, and it is possible to find many helpful hints and tips in a variety of places.

The next question is whether to stick to one particular type of flower or create a mixed bouquet including different colours, fillers and other embellishments such as ribbons and bows. Creating mixed bouquets will naturally mean having to decide what will be the best combination of flowers to use, how many of each there should be to achieve maximum effect and how much green or white should be involved.

Some brides may also wish to include particular flowers or fillers because of their symbolism. Baby’s breath, for instance, provides a mass of small white flower heads – perfect as a filler and symbolises everlasting love. Including greenish white, Bells of Ireland, meanwhile, will promise good luck, as will white carnations.

Fern would add a touch of sincerity, while Ivy suggests fidelity and friendship. Myrtle is a symbol of love and marriage and Stephanotis, which has small star-shaped white flowers, is supposed to bring happiness in marriage. White lilies symbolise purity and orchids speak of love, beauty and refinement. Red and white roses are a symbol of unity and togetherness.

All this goes to show that yes, there is every reason to take some time and carefully consider all the options that present themselves when deciding on wedding flowers and bouquets. Getting it right will mean all smiles on the special day, with everything matching and the bride walking happily and beautifully down the aisle.

Other major decisions will continue having to be made by the happy couple from now on. Once settled into their life together, they may, for instance, wish to take a look at some easy access accounts to manage their finances easier. Here, too, it will be necessary to get some relevant information on the many available choices and compare the details very carefully in order to find the best available to invest in their future life.

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