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Designing Like a Wildcrafter


Sometimes it can be hard to define, what exactly we find beautiful on the cold stormy days of winter. When taking a closer look, howling winds and below zero temperatures could mean the source of inspiration for the next floral centrepiece to adorn your table at a special event. Gales carry with them what nature has discarded cones, needles, branches, seed pods and other beautiful, natural pieces of art.


When working with the right floral designer, nature can lead to the formation of magnificent pieces of botanical art, using city streets, country lanes, or a farmer’s field for as the source of inspiration.


Some have even made this their craft, those who use natural resources for their floral design have been given the title of wildcrafter. As their line of work requires it, they lead a life completely immersed in nature, developing a keen eye for possible material in the outdoors.


This type of designer will be very unlikely to create the traditional Christmas wreath, made of pine or cedar, instead other materials are used making a less obvious reference to the holiday. This kind of approach can be far more refreshing, a bit of originality can just as easily capture the spirit of the season, perhaps even more so, than a green wreath with a red bow that is a mirror image to the one hanging on the neighbour’s front door.


One wonderful example is the use of blackberry, rose hip or birch branches to create a wreath. When birch is in question, branches collected in early spring are fairly malleable, and they can simply be wound around each other, until the desired thickness is reached. Then it is up to the designer to decide what is to be used as further decoration. This can be flowers, bark from from other trees, berries or whatever you like best.


Using nature as a source for ideas can have more than one positive aspect. Natural design and decorations can act as a reminder to stay green, while using nature’s creations will guarantee that you stay unique. In the following few months we will all be spending a considerable amount of time going from house to house, event to event, or perhaps organizing one or several get-togethers of our own. Wouldn’t it be rejuvenating to see one unique decoration scheme after another? Our own homes or events could also see some refreshment with a little boost from the outdoors.


There is no need to start wandering through the woods collecting branches like a wildcrafter. But the next time you consult with a floral designer, don’t forget to think back to the last winter walk you took. With a little help from our designers you could be on your way to creating design that is earthy, yet spectacular and original.




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