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Diamonds and Flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show


 The Chelsea Flower Show is just around the corner and anticipation is high for the beautiful flower displays that are being designed at this moment.
When it comes to the most expensive David Domoney  is going to be showing a display that is worth a mere £10m. The display is to be called The Ace of Diamonds, and the display is to be littered with precious stones from some of the top jewellers on Bond Street.
“I always endeavour to introduce something a little bit more entertaining and this is something really special. It’s high-end and extreme but with a strong horticultural message. This garden will be worth more than the rest of the show put together – worth more than this year and last year combined even,” stated Domoney.
Of course security will be high, something like what we would see for a royal visit! The diamonds will be delivered to the show by helicopter. What a spectacle!
The biggest garden ever to be shown was the Eden Project, but the value of the garden is at the highest ever seen by the show.
When it comes to smaller events like weddings, corporate or cultural, Todich Floral Design can help you out with your design ideas. We are prepared for just about any innovative floral design and we can make just about any idea to life. Of course, a scattering of diamonds might be a little over the top! But that is definitely something worth checking out at this years show!

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