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Faith No More’s Faith Revived with Todich Floral Design!

Watch the gig and their buttonholes from here!

Faith No More, the influential American band that broke up in 1998 are in Britain for their come back tour! The band that once featured the infamous Courtney Love as their star singer (until she was fired) have recruited Todich Floral Design’s services to accompany their gig tonight in the o2 Brixton Academy!

The platinum status band has asked us to create for them 5 special button holes to accompany their suits in tonight’s gig, which are being created by our head florist as we speak!

Their musical success in Faith No More stemmed their careers further into the musical business after their split in 1998- Mike Patton, lead singer, has been involved with the incredible vocals in one of my personal favourite bands, Lovage, as well as stepped in as lead vocalist for the Dillenger Escape Plan for recording of  ‘Irony is a Dead Scene’. His versatile singing voice has lead to critics calling him “one of the most talented singers in rock music.”

Billy Gould, bass player, has also been involved with many projects, including Fear and the Nervous System, which features Korn guitarist as well as the drummer from punk rock group Bad Religion.

Michael Bordin, the left handed drummer (who amazingly plays his ride cymbal on the left hand side with a right handed drum kit) has also been Ozzy Osbourne’s drummer, helping him re-record several albums. He also stepped in to substitute Korn’s beautiful David Silveria when he was injured.

Faith No More’s songs have lived on, despite their 11 year hiatus. Track “Midlife Crisis” is featured in both ‘Tony Hawk’s Underground’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’. “From Out of Nowhere” was featured in sporting games ‘Madden NFL 2005’ and ‘NFL 2005’ and ‘Epic’ is featured in the trailer for ‘Street Fighter IV’ as well as being the background song.

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