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Flowers in hotels, restaurants and bars

One would think the decoration process is finished once the hotel lobby, or restaurant dining room or bar have been built according to the designer’s vision. In fact, many designers take into consideration plants and flowers and anticipate space for them while designing a venue. This is by no means a coincidence. Flowers and plants really do add that final touch to every space, and it’s only natural that they are considered an integral part of every day life. Just take a look at the space that surrounds you. Are there flowers and plants there? If yes, try to imagine how dull that space would look like without them, and if no, try to imagine how alive that space would look like with them.

Hotel lobby and rooms

TFD flowers in a hotelIt’s always a pleasure to see richly decorated hotel lobbies upon arrival. It really helps bring about an atmosphere of serenity and sophistication, not to mention, some very pleasant fragrances. Carefully placed plants and flowers will emphasize the overall look of the interior, and bring life to forgotten corners, that would otherwise look dull and simple. Plants (potted plants, plant walls) placed in strategic spots will help separate certain specific parts of the hotel lobby space from the others, creating an illusion of privacy.

Hotel rooms are a more delicate matter. Properly placed fresh flowers or plants will help create a welcome atmosphere, and add a touch of “home” decor to a room. Many guests request certain kinds of flowers to be placed in their room or suite. If your guests happen to be picky, you can rely on us to fulfill their wishes. We deal with special requests all the time, and it’s always a pleasure and a welcome challenge for us.

Restaurant flowers

TFD flowers in a restaurantMuch like hotels, restaurants benefit a lot by introducing flowers and plants as part of their decoration efforts. When done properly and with style, your guests will notice. Whether it’s a business lunch or romantic dinner, the experience will only be half as strong without flowers and plants to give that special touch to the occasion. Depending on the occasion and season, and the overall theme at the restaurant, we can provide you with a custom tailored solution that your guests will appreciate.

Bar flowers

TFD flower decoration in a barA place for socialising over friendly conversation and a refreshing drink, bars are simply crying for flowers and plants. The relaxed, informal atmosphere of bars demands a special approach to floral decoration. Depending on the theme, flowers and plants can be tailored to add that last layer that will communicate a welcome atmosphere to your guests.

Whether you operate a hotel, a restaurant or a bar, you’ll know that it’s the final touches that will be noticed by your clients. Flowers and plants, as part of the decoration in your venue, are that final touch. They will help you create a feeling of hospitality, sophistication, style and glamour. We at Todich Floral Design especially enjoy decorating hotels, restaurants and bars, and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you and your clients get the best floral experience.

Note: all images above are pictures of actual designs made and installed by Todich Floral Design

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