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Flowers to bloom 2 months earlier by 2080

Growth patterns of plants and flowers due to change, alongside other natural phenomenons

Flowers and plants are expected to bloom up to two months earlier by 2080, says University of Edinburgh Professor Ray Thompson. Based on data going back to 1775, temperatures are forecast to increase by 5ºC in the next 60 years.

According to the same scientists, each 1ºC increase in temperature brings flowering 11 days forward. This early flowering could increase the risk of disease and the potential for severe crop damage by late frosts in the year.

Predictions such as this highlight the importance climate change has in the floristry industry. If temperatures continue to rise, it is almost certain the price of cut flowers will increase. The varieties of flowers will change and the current seasonal flowers will be in different seasons.

The worst hit areas are likely to have oceanic climates, such as Western Europe, the US east coast, New Zealand, Chile and North Africa.

Working with a natural resource such as flowers means we need to have an even stronger outlook. We as an industry must ensure we do our utmost to reduce climate change and prevent the effects of global warming by reducing our carbon emissions and waste material, reusing as much as possible and recycling everything we can. To find out more about what we do to save the planet, email us or call us on 020 7737 1166.

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