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From the Streets and Prison to the Chelsea Flower Show



One of the biggest gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, will put together by quit an unusual group of horticulturists.

The Eden Project will be bringing homeless people and prisoners together to create a display. The flowers will be contributed by the prisoners from the Growing for Life project at the Occombe farm in Devon.

One of the homeless men involved in the project, says that he enjoys having an empty canvas of dirt to work with. He finds a certain magic in creating a burst of colour out of almost nothing.

This is the second year that the Eden Project has been involved in the show, with last year’s garden winning the silver medal.

This year’s plot will be twice the size of those normally featured, and will display nearly 10, 000 plants. Nearly 400 homeless people and 100 prisoners are involved in the project.

The most unique aspect of this display will be the 10ft-high man, who will have medicinal plants covering his body. Different plants will be located, on the parts of the body they are used to treat. Wild flowers and totem pole sculpture are also to be included in the display.

The unique aspects of this display are meant to show how important plants and flowers are in our lives. Gardening and working with plants can have a very important therapeutic effect on those who work with them, especially for those experiencing difficulties in their lives.

The simple of gesture of giving flowers can mean a lot more than we might imagine, they can heal both from the inside and the outside. They are not just a treat for the eyes, but a reminder that we care for others and care for nature. has a number of beautiful bouquets you can send to your loved ones. The Carousel, Mellow Yellow Roses, and the Shooting Star are just some of the beautiful featured bouquets we have to offer.

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