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Garden Office. Floral Displays for Corporate Offices

Nothing works better to breath new life and brightening up office spaces than fresh seasonal flowers. Office flowers can not be filled with just any blooms, if you’re after a truly spectacular corporate flower displays, it’s important to choose blooms that create a unique feel and convey a professional ambiance. From decorating cosy reception rooms, to designing floral displays for corporate offices, events and conferences, Todich Floral Designs latest decor trends; a dynamic range of bold blooms, will create a fresh and welcoming feel for your clients. Create office chic with these exquisite corporate flower arrangements.

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Orchids. Orchids delicate structure, elegant form and beautiful colours make orchids spectacular business flowers, which make striking statements alone and work beautifully to enhance any office arrangement. For a minimalist look, for corporate offices with white, grey and cream interiors, reach for classic white orchid arrangements, line tall oval glass vessels with orchids and branches lined with orchids that overflow, and create a cascade of orchids. These delightful office flowers add sophistication, joy and charm to any space.

Birds of Paradise. Birds of paradise, exotic look, geometric lines and vibrant contrasting rich, exotic colours made up of orange petals and green stems make magnificent office flowers, which ooze a professional ambience. Reminiscent of the strikingly beautiful, brightly coloured bird, which is where it takes its name, Bird of Paradise. With a banana shaped leaves and brightly coloured orange or yellow petals and a vivid blue tongue that resemble a birds beak. For striking arrangements, place several birds of paradise in oval glass vessels for a grand and vibrant finish.

Calla Lily. One of the most beautiful flowers, calla lilies unique flower form come in a spectrum of colours, shades of green, pink, purple, green, yellow and orange. Also known as the trumpet Lily, due to its trumpet shaped bracket, it’s no surprise they a symbol of magnificence and beauty. To compliment beautiful Calla Lily arrangements, reach for cylinder glass vases. Whether its a preference for vibrant shades or sumptuous pastries, cylinder glass vases display these elegant flowers beautifully and add a sense of grandeur to office spaces.

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Anthurium. Anthurium, also known as painted tongues, or heart shaped flowers in shades or white, red and pale pink. Anthurium unique form and rich shades add texture, elegance and interest to corporate flower arrangements. Arrangements of Anthurium placed in variant glass and metal vases look spectacular and bring a unique yet elegant feel to corporate interiors.

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Irises. Iris is a wonderful garden plants which make spectacular office arrangements. A symbol of eloquence Iris comes in an array of vibrant shades, vivid blues, purple, yellow, pink, orange, red, white and black. These beautiful flowers make fitting office flowers due to its delicate and elegance form. For an extravagant finish, in neutral office interiors with white, grey or creams, place one or two iris branches in tall contemporary glass vessels. Its vibrant purple shades against its contorting green stems, completes a magnificent yet minimalist look.

To add a touch of minimalism to corporate spaces, opt for arrangements of all white flowers, classic white roses, tulips, orchids, anthuriums and calla lilies.

Vases. If it’s a sense of grandeur your after, choosing the right vase is important. The right vase will compliment and enhance great flower arrangements to create bold statements. For a sense of grandeur, reach for on-trend contemporary white or glass vessels in oval, cylinder, circular and square vases for a touch of grandeur and minimalism. For a vintage finish, wild garden flowers and foliage placed in large ceramic pots, tired metal plant pots, large glass jars and oriental ceramics for a truly vintage affair.

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