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Get well flowers

Nothing brightens up a room like a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. When people feel under the weather the scent and sight of elegant blooms can have a reviving effect. Such a gift also tells the invalid that you are thinking of them and reminds them of better times. It can bring a little of the outside world into their room.

However it is important to know that some authorities will not allow flowers in any part of their hospital as the potential for germs breeding in water in unchanged vases is a concern – and also that it all makes extra work for the nurses who could be better used caring for patients.

So before sending get well flowers to someone who is ill in hospital, check the local rules. At Flowers24Hours we have other gifts that may be as suitable, if not more so. We recently sent fruit to a man recovering from heart surgery with full approval where a bouquet would have been banned. A preserved rose arrangement may be acceptable, but do ask first. Or send them a teddy bear with a balloon and also some chocolates – for the nurses, of course!

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