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Going Dutch, with Flowers

Spring has finally sprung, and this is a great time of year to whip out the tulips as a gift idea! This simple, yet compatible and beautiful flower has gone a long way. It started its trip in Asia Minor, made its way to Dutch florists and is now makes our gardens and homes colourful.

In the past, it was not all that easy to get your hands on a bouquet of tulips, they were actually seen as quite a commodity! When they were first brought to Holland, a sort of tulip mania spread across the country. They became the subject of art and were seen as treasured possessions in many homes.

Though they are not as highly valued today, the Dutch are still crazy about the flower. The appreciation for this bloom is best demonstrated by the hundreds of visitors, who visit the gardens of the Keukenhoff each spring to admire the multi-coloured fields of tulips. In addition, an exhibit called the, “Tulips in Amsterdam is held at the Rijksmuseum, where works of art are displayed dedicated only to this flower. Though the tulip is not as extravagant as the orchid, this kind of obsession, in my opinion, really shows how special this flower truly is. It is obvious that people still know the value of simplicity.

The exhibit itself will hold paintings and drawings of the flower. The central exhibit to this show is a book of depictions of the tulip, which are so highly valued that usually only single pages of the book are sold. Though the etchings and watercolours on display are just as highly valued.

Today it is hard to imagine, that in the 16th and 17th centuries, fortunes were made and broken by the tulip. When the craze for this flower ended, many were left with their pockets empty and their hands full of bulbs. This goes to show that we should really appreciate our tulips today, as we can get our hands on them without a hitch!

When I think of tulips, simplicity is the first thing to come to mind. , has a bouquet on offer, Elegance, that really brings out the stylish aspect of tulips. They are arranged in a sleek vase

that will look great in any setting!

The Shanghai, is also a great arrangement of tulips, bringing out the vibrant colours of tulip out, with contrasting green foliage, in a more exotic arrangement.

If you are looking to surprise a special someone with a big bouquet, the Flora, is a great bouquet to consider. The brightness of this bouquet is sure way to convey your appreciation.

Dutch Multi Colored Tulip Fields

Dutch Multi Colored Tulip Fields

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