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How to save money in the ongoing financial situation?

Cut expenses, not flowers!

vasearr0329.jpgIn a crisis it’s always important to stay calm, and keep things under control. Your clients and employees alike, all depend on your company to be the pillar of support during hard times. When expenses become your primary concern, steps are taken to cut down on spending in order to provide financial safety for the upcoming gray days. Where do we start first? We eliminate expenses associated with things we see around us. This approach, although practiced by a lot of companies, can actually bring about a negative effect, even though at first it seems like the right thing to do. For example, when you take a quick glance around you, you’ll probably notice the lovely violets on the table, or a sego plant occupying that dull corner. If you eliminate flowers and plants from your offices in order to cut back on costs, you may save a few quid, but you lose the relaxing atmosphere that comes with having flowers and plants around. Ask yourself if you would like to spend 8 hours a day in a solid, static, dull, uninspiring space, and concentrate on working harder… We need flowers and plants around us, they are there for a good reason.

It’s the hidden, deeper expenses that need to be addressed. In fact, most companies discover flaws in their financial profile only when they dig deeper into their operations, forced to do so by an economic crisis. Eliminating the very things that help create a relaxed working atmosphere, therefore a more productive atmosphere, will not solve your problems in the long run, in fact, it will only make everyone work under even more pressure. Needless to say, productivity will go south as well.

Looking at things from a different angle, you are to a large extent marketing yourself both to your clients and your own employees. You want to pass on a positive message, even though job cuts are inevitable. Bringing on a gloomy dark atmosphere of dread will certainly not help anyone. Do you want your clients, those who choose to carry on and keep bringing you business, to come in and sense your lack of morale? Do you want your employees to spend hours in melancholy, instead of working hard to survive the hard times? Probably not.

You may think stopping the little visible things can significantly help the overall budget. It’s the easy option sure, but it’s those little things that help create that great atmosphere in your working place, that every one of your employees enjoys. Instead, there are far more effective ways to cut down on spending like phone bills, travel expenses, mailing, transportation  but they do require a little more work to optimise. Cutting down on spending in these areas is an internal change, invisible to people outside the company, therefore your hard earned reputation will stay intact. For example, cutting back on travel expenses will bring more employees back to the office, where they will get more things done in a relaxed working atmosphere created by a vase of bright confident flowers, cheering the world as you greet your next client at the reception desk.

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