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Hungarian Wedding Traditions – Flowers & Ceremony

Hello, my name is Judit and I started working as a florist at Todich Floral Design almost 1 year ago, I am a trained florist from Hungary and I would like to introduce to you the Hungarian wedding traditions.

The wedding traditions have faded over the recent years, but some of the traditions still strongly remain within Hungary’s rural village. A Hungarian wedding is usually quite large and consists of more than 300 to 400 guests.

The preparation starts 2-3 days before the wedding day. The women relatives and friends start to make a variety of different biscuits, whilst the men cool their own wines and prepare “házipálinka” (Moonshine) a fruity Hungarian alcoholic drink. Both men and women work together to prepare the wedding dinner.

Hungary is predominantly of roman catholic religion, Many couples marry in churches whilst the non-religious marry in registry offices, A Hungarian bride normally wears a traditional white wedding dress with long white gloves and white shoes. The groom and best man wear a classic suit with a floral buttonhole. The tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’ is still used today for many couples wedding days.

Before the church ceremony, family and friends gather together to drink and eat hand-made biscuits, the church is filled with beautiful flower arrangement with floral decorations covering the pew ends and the alter, the church flowers would be in keeping with the bridal bouquet.

There are no set traditions on the flowers for a Hungarian bridal bouquet. The bride can have any colours of flowers that they choose, however pale colours such as peach and cream flowers seem to be the most fashionable choices in recent years, the most popular styles are round posy or of a long cascading design which is normally arranged with fresh flowing ivy and bear grass. The bridesmaids are often young children and carry a smaller but similar bouquet of the bride.

The bride often wears a small hair piece which contains pretty delicate flowers. Traditionally Hungarian weddings did not include wrist corsages but this is proven to be more popular in recent times.

After the ceremony the bride and groom walks down the main village road and receives congratulations from guests who throw confetti and rice to wish the couple a life time of happiness, afterwards the couple formalize their marriage by signing the paper at the village’s registry office.

Once the formalities are complete, the bride throws a flower bouquet over her shoulder towards her guests, the tradition is that the first person to catch the bouquet will be the next person to wed; the bouquet is very similar to the bridal bouquet but has been specially made to be thrown by the bride.

The bride and groom are helped into a decorated car which is lined with beautiful flowers, the bonnet and the car seats have been arranged with a variety of flowers from the village’s local florist.
The happy couple then arrive to visit the reception where there is a garden set up with a marquee which is filled with traditional Hungarian foods and a Hungarian live band

A sit down dinner with a minimum of 4-5 courses is not uncommon in Hungarian weddings, from clear soups, to meats and vegetables, the dinner can last up to 3 hours. Once the dinner is finished the dancing begins, the music tends to be of local songs and popular pop music.

Before midnight there is bride’s last dance in her white wedding dress. All the lights are switched off and all the candles are lit and glow in the room. The band then plays a very slow song for the newlyweds to dance too.

Exactly after midnight the bride changes her wedding dress for a colourful dress and red boots. If somebody wishes to dance with the new bride, then a small fee is required and donation is used towards the couples newly married life. When the dancing is complete, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake. The wedding cake is traditionally made with 3 tiers and is filled with beautiful flower arrangements that are in keeping with the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. The wedding celebrations carry on until the early hours and finishes between 4:00am- 6:00am the next day.

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