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The perfect ways to decorate the office this Christmas

As we count down to the most wonderful time of the year, it’s important to keep up work moral. The best way to do this is to introduce some festive cheer into the office. These are a few ideas of how to decorate the office this Christmas season.


The Christmas Tree

We’ll start with the big one, the Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is a Christmas essential, yet it doesn’t have to be the ginormous shrub that we all struggle to get the star on top of. The first thing to decide is real or faux. Real trees smell great and create a traditional festive atmosphere, but they can be messy. Faux can be used year in year out and won’t make a mess, however they sometimes lack that Christmas sparkle. Then it comes down to the size, type and design. Artificial trees can be experimented with. From the upside-down tree to the neon tree, and from mini electric light up trees to hand carved wooden tree sculptures, the choice is endless.


A Christmas desk plants

A great way to ensure everyone receives the festive feeling is to have a potted plant per desk. This can be a mini decorated Christmas tree or a lovely potted poinsettia plant. The poinsettia plant has glossy red and green leaves and is versatile enough to be potted and placed anywhere. Another option is the Christmas cactus. These can bloom into an array of red, pink, purple, orange and white blossoms. Although, be sure not to give the cactus too much water as it may result in newly formed buds falling off, other than this they are rather simple to maintain.


DIY cut out decorations

As the image of Buddy the elf running around Santa’s workshop making paper cut outs pops into your mind, don’t panic, the office doesn’t need to be a winter wonderland. This idea will depend on the dynamic of your office, but what makes DIY great is that you can make it as extravagant or as subtle as you wish. You can get the kids involved and they can help mum or dad get decorations ready for the office. Simple snowflakes or Christmas bunting look great and there are endless templates and tutorials online for more intricate ambitions.


Pick a style

This is an important one, both for making your office look great and for sticking with your office values. You will want to pick a type of theme or style for your decorations that matches your office and its atmosphere. If you have a modern office, it will look great to have modern Christmas decorations such as this year’s highly talked about rainbow Christmas tree or the upside down tree. If your office is traditional the Christmas décor should match, try using traditional round baubles in traditional reds, golds and greens.


Desktop Christmas Stockings

Stockings are superb because they are as much a decoration as they are a functioning gift holder. Stockings can be hung on each desk and filled with small but useful office gifts such as pens, memory sticks, staples and pads. If you want to really spread the cheer, sweets and small keepsakes are what employees value most.

Ryan Jones from ACI adds "One of the main things we find that really energises our staff during the Christmas period is livening the desks up with tinsel. While this may seem really simple, it really helps your staff get into the Christmas spirit!"


It is the jolliest time of the year and this means it’s okay to indulge. There is nothing we love more than being able to eat that little bit extra during the festive period. Having nibbles in the office is a great way to pick everyone spirits up for that final push before the Christmas break. The classic tin (or plastic tub nowadays), candy canes and nuts are a super choice. Filling bowls with nibbles brings that little bit of home into the office and will provide bursts of energy to your employees throughout the day.


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