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The Art of Corporate Flowers: Office Feng Shui and Workplace Productivity

Feng shui through flowers is a way for you to harness boosted energy, gain inner peace, and reap the benefits of greater productivity whether you do your work from home or go into the office. As Erin Conrad, Consultant at TelcoSolutions, explains, "increasing productivity in the workplace is essential for ensuring your business doesn't lose revenue. However, it's also important in terms of your employees' mental health. After all, productive and motivated employees are happier ones."

Matt Riley, Managing Director of Tonic Design, says: "I believe humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature and good office design should include a physical connection to nature as one of its primary goals. Studies have found that plants may provide improved air quality to work spaces and may assist with creating positive psychological effects for occupants."

Additionally, Lyly Greca from Miei Fiori explains that "office flowers provide benefits such as clean and fresh air, joy and happiness, life and movement as well as enhance and highlight interiors. It is important to base office flower desicions on a blend of interior design and horticulture."

Pick from these feng shui flowers and decorating tips to liven up your corporate space, beautify your lobby or office, and boost employee morale.


Feng Shui Corporate Flowers For Elevating a Sense of Camaraderie

Flower arrangements that follow the time-old principles of feng shui act as a source of renewal, imbuing rooms and surfaces with visual grace and beauty, even sensuality, and encourage us all to cultivate a general sense of gratitude. Cherry blossoms, for example (sounds like cheery, doesn’t it?) are one method for brightening up lobbies, the corners of your office, and helping to encourage coworkers’ collaboration.

Only once we appreciate our surroundings, feel comfortable and calm in our workspace, can we focus on the work that lies in front of us and simultaneously raise awareness and give our attention to others around us who may need our help.

When picking a theme it is important to remember the type of environmewnt you want the office to be. Anthony Ashworth, a Consultant Designer and Shaman explains that "from a Feng Shui perspective an office space is not a home & needs to have a more vibrant upbeat energy, the energy needs to be more masculine in its nature and is called Yang energy. If the office is to feminine by it’s nature it’s called Yin energy, in which case staff & management may be lethargic, lack creativity and forward thinking."

Lotus Flowers in the Lunchroom, in Meeting Rooms and Home Offices

One of the clean, clear and essential components of fung shui is simplicity. And there are few flowers with the simple purity and perfection, the beauty and peace promoting properties like the lotus flower.

Lotus flower arrangements can be displayed in your own office, the cafeteria, or meeting tables. Lotus flowers clear the mind, bringing about an inner harmony with one’s thoughts (how you see your own behaviours or performance at work, for example) and allow you to let go of the past, not dwell too much on the future, and instead shift into a lucid and focused space in the present.

Bamboo Plants and Zen Gardens for a Sense of Well-Being

Sometimes, in order to cultivate mindfulness and tap into our more creative selves, and especially our capacities for solving the more difficult problems we can face at work, we need to take an active break from the issue at hand.

Bamboo plants and Zen garden flower arrangements are perfect for active contemplation. The simplicity of green office plants and beauty of nature is a way to increase the harmony of one’s surroundings, tapping into the power of feng shui décor while not overwhelming any one area with too much colour or “busier” and more complex flower arrangements.

Office Layout and Feng Shui Flower Placement

It is important not to overlook the way you arrange the flowers and furniture in your office. From the vantage point of feng shui, anything that disrupts the flow of your space or physically interrupts your movement through the room will actually impede your creativity and ability to think coherently.

So, definitely keep your desk clear of papers, loose pens, and any office odds and ends like tacks or paper clips. Dust frequently. Also position your feng shui flowers or indoor plants in the corners of your office—according to the wisdom and principles of feng shui, this should prevent sluggishness and encourage a more active energy, with great mental acuity.

Using Natural Elements to Ensure Feng Shui in Your Office

Morgan Lovell also adds that incorporating wood into your office's decor is also an important part of improving employee well-being and productivity through Feng Shui. They offer the following advice: "Similar to the way indoor plants can help ease stress, indoor wood surfaces can also improve physiological health. It was revealed that 82% of workers who were exposed to eight or more wooden surfaces in their office were either ‘satisfied or very satisfied’ with their work, compared with only 53% of workers with no wooden surfaces present in their workplace.

"The natural warmth and calm that wood evokes can have a profound impact on physical wellbeing, from lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, to alleviating stress. These health benefits resonate through all levels of an organisation; helping to encourage positive social interactions and increased productivity, to reducing stress-related absenteeism.  After all, a healthy employee is a happy one!"

Jade Pearlhouse, a Content Marketer and Professional Ghostwriter, adds: "H. Jackson Brown Jr. famously said, "Always have something beautiful in sight, even if it's just a daisy in a jelly glass." Therefore, if there are some flowers in the office, they can boost our mood. We can add actual flowers and plants to our offices, but we also benefit from seeing pictures of flowers and plants on the wall (or just the computer's background wallpaper) because the human brain automatically associates these images with positive feelings, thereby improving our productivity at work."

As Tony Rahman from Fiji Resorts and Magnetic Phone Holder concludes: "A new study found that an office enriched with plants doesn't just make employees happier but it actually boosts productivity by 20%. This is the first study to look at the long term effects that plant can have on the quality of professional life. But it`s timely, considering a lot of companies are now starting to adopt the idea of 'Lean Office Management' where they strip the office of any extraneous decorations, to reduce distractions and they can accommodate more people as needed.

"Researchers looked at employees from two large commercial offices in the UK and Holland and monitored their activity levels over a 2 month period, during which time plants were intoduced in their workplace. Employees were also surveyed on their concerntration levels, workplace satisfaction and perceptions of air quality within their office. Turns out employees from previously 'lean' office environments became more satisfied with their workplace, reported increased concerntration levels, and perceived the air quality in their offices to be better once plants were introduced.

"Adorning your office with plants helps employees be more physically, mentally and emotionally involved in their work. And the reason for that , is that it communicates to workers that their employer cares about them and their welfare."

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