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Our Spooky Halloween Events

With Halloween just around the corner, we have been getting some pretty spooky requests in!

Physalis alkekengi – Chinese Lanterns –, ‘Bacarra’ roses, black tulips, Pineapple leaves, Pandanus leaves, Grevillea, and twisted willow all create wonderfully sinister arrangements. This week, we are designing the weekly vases for our clients with miniature pumpkins on sticks being arranged with the flowers – sadly the flowers that are being used are orchids which, although beautiful, and are not very creepy!

We recently designed a wedding with a bridal bouquet that featured Chinese Lanterns, red Nerine, ‘Treasure’ calla lilies, and pin oak foliage, creating a lovely over-the-arm display. The bridesmaids’ posies also had Chinese Lanterns and Nerine but no calla lilies, which created a nice symmetry with the bride’s bouquets without matching the design exactly. The buttonholes were Nerines, and all the table displays were fishbowls filled with Chinese Lanterns, which looked fantastic in the wood-panelled room with a roaring fire in the corner.

Another wedding that we are designing, which is less eerie but very beautiful none-the-less, had a similar structure within the bride’s shower bouquet and the bridesmaids’ hand-tied bouquets: the bridal bouquet is going to use dark red freesia, red Nerine, red skimmia, red hypericum, and white Common Lilac with a shower to the front of the design made of burgundy Amaranthus and pin oak; the bridesmaids’ design are going to use white freesia, white Nerine, and red Skimmia – which I think are going to look lovely next to the bride’s bouquet.

The groom’s boutonniere is going to be a head of dark red freesia and a head of red Nerine, framed by pin oak to match his bride’s design, and the groomsmen’s buttonholes are just going to be a single white head of freesia – very simple, but very beautiful. And the father-of-the-bride and the mothers are going to have little designs made of small clusters of white freesia and white Nerine to pin to their outfits.
We had an event come in from a design company that requested that all the designs – domes of ‘Bacarra’ roses, domes of ‘Grand Prix’ roses, and domes of ‘Red Naomi’ roses be placed in skulls, eyeballs scattered throughout the designs and on the tables, and blood dripping down the leaves – all fake of course! Very scary!

Another request came in for a masked event that required all the Grevillea be sprayed black and hung as garlands and swags around the room to throw shadowy and ominous shapes across the walls; it created a spectacular atmosphere for a stunning event!

Please feel free to contact our design team to get involved in the action

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