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4 Super Helpful Yet Simple Tips to Perfect Your Spring Wedding

March 10th, 2018

Now that spring has arrived, it is probably a good time to review what’s essential for your wedding when it comes to flowers, venue, and table decorations. See what spring wedding trends and exquisite florals Todich Floral Design has to offer


Get the Most From Colours and Flowers of Spring

Everything is in bloom. Bright, beautiful blossoms are showing up in all sorts of floral displays and you want to put them all in your wedding. Of course you have lots of choices. Go white-on-white with magnolias or hydrangeas. Try shades of pink tulips, lilacs, or ranunculus. Or creamy, pastel peonies.

Take Advantage of the Weather

Weather is always a factor, particularly if your heart is set on an outdoor wedding. But even for winter and fall weddings, you need to account for extra layers and guests who might be travelling from afar or between ceremony and celebration venue.

Dorothy Polka from Polka Dot Bride advises: “Always, always have a wet weather contingency plan. Spring may seem like a sunny season for weddings, but in many places it can be wetter than winter!

“Aside from an indoor reception backup nearby or a pop-up marquee, consider having lots of inexpensive, clear umbrellas at hand so they won’t obscure guests’ views. Also, don’t forget a light wrap to go over your dress and even consider bringing along a cute pair of gumboots to go under your dress – you can find special glittery or metallic versions pretty easily these days.”

Maya Devassy Tarach, Certified Wedding & Event Planner at Preoccupied Bride, adds: “Spring is known for beautiful blooms and milder temperatures, but don’t forget the weather can be tricky. Since it is a season of rain and the remnants of winter are on their way out, it’s important to play it safe and have a plan B in place for outdoor weddings and guest comfort.

“Generally speaking, if you plan on having your wedding outdoors it’s important to have an indoor option or tent available to keep guests dry and happy. If it’s warm during the day, fans and water bottles are great touches for outdoor ceremonies. If it’s chilly in the evening, portable heaters and blankets or shawls are nice touches for outdoor receptions.”

“Fortunately, with warmer temperatures, you can have a wedding at midday or evening, indoors or outside.” – Showtime Digital

Have Fun with Table Decorations

“Be sure to bring up wedding themes and floral styles with your wedding florist.” – QMAX Pumping Solutions

Incorporate garden party themes, succulents as wedding decor, creative vases, and much more.

When it comes to styling your wedding venue,

Sam McCulla, Owner at Faux Flower Company, says: “Make sure there is a consistent theme throughout the wedding look. Tie it all together to allow your wedding day to be the beginning of your wedded story. Everything should be carefully selected and editied, and that could include the welcome sign matching the look and feel of the table seating sign, or using the same florals in the bridal table runner and the garlands over the door way or photo booth. The look should be seemless!”

Brighter Days, Brighter Bouquets, and More Wedding Options in General

“With longer and brighter days, it’s natural to let some of the season’s palette and hues find their way into your wedding bouquet and decor.” – Solid Start Property Inspections

Mix and match your in-season flowers. With the help of a wedding florist like Todich Floral Design, you can have your wedding on a budget by creatively using stems in bridal bouquets, bridesmaid flowers, table decorations and wedding centrepieces.

Winter Wedding Trends For 2018: Winter Flowers Galore and Snow Crystals at Your Wedding!

February 7th, 2018

Inspirational winter wedding centrepiece flowers and snow crystal floral arrangements for weddings are a beautiful way to realise the winter wedding of your dreams, while dazzling all your family and friends, too! For January and February weddings you, try white flowers, warm lights, frosted greenery and more. Here are some exciting wedding decor ideas and winter themes to get you started

Shine All Afternoon and Into the Evening at Your Wedding Reception, With the Lights of Winter

Use the lights of winter to give your wedding decor a magical glow. Whether you have an afternoon wedding reception or a more formal evening affair for your wedding, the soft warmth of lights to complement your flower arrangements creates the ideal wintry atmosphere.

Tea lights set alongside table runners, old fashioned lamps, glitter that is sprinkled across white tablecloth–these are small yet delightful touches to bring your decor to life. Also popular among brides are flickering candles and antique candelabra arranged on guests’ tables, and festive lights strung through the reception.

Such bright, joyful lights glow and enhance the warmth of your celebration, playing out as the perfect complements to your snow crystal wedding decor.

Winter Wedding Flowers for a Snowy, Dreamy and Mesmerising effect

White votive roses pair wonderfully with candle light and other candle-lit flower arrangements. The golden light shed onto the soft white petals offers a buttery hue and richly felt display that you can use for the ceremony itself and the reception after.

Red roses introduce the element of passion. Romantic love can be both pure and fiery, so if you want to give a nod to both aspects of your future lives together–then, by all means, talk with your wedding florist about a mixed red and white rose bouquet!

What other winter wedding flower ideas are out there? Queen Anne's lace, paper whites (narcissus), ranunculus, peonies in white and peach and lavender, and pink wedding flowers. These are beautiful church flowers for a wedding as well as easily incorporated into floral designs for wedding receptions.

"Greenery and foliage such as dusty miller plant, eucalyptus leaves, lavender and tied bundles of aromatic sage, even succulents, can create the impression and allure of that first frost of winter." – WOW Event Hire

Winter Wedding Flowers Themes and Colour Schemes

More festive and elegant winter wedding themes play up gold, majestic purple shades and metallics, with dark purple and burnt orange wedding flowers. In the meanwhile, contemporary classic styles of wedding palettes fall in line with crisp whites, ash and grey hues, as well as light crystalline shades of aqua blue wedding flowers and green to mimic ice.

The winter wonderland wedding theme uses snow crystal effects in a number of ways. Frosty branches in glass or crystal bases can be turned into gorgeous centrepieces. Pussy willow branches, pine cones spray painted gold, silver or bronze, and glitter scattered across the boughs of pine boughs can fill the air with that special winter ambiance you have always dreamt of.

Lovely English Wedding Flowers, London Holiday Floral Arrangements!

December 26th, 2017

Don’t you find it just lovely looking around London during the holidays? It’s so much fun, taking in all of the beautiful holiday flower displays, the Christmas flowers, the hotel lobby decorations and shops decorated with wreaths and poinsettia plants and lots of other winter flower arrangements. It is a beautiful time of the year, that’s for sure! As English Wedding Awards 2017 winner for Florist of the Year, we at Todich Floral Design want to share some of our favourite wedding flowers that are popping up all over this holiday season

Popular Bridal Bouquet Flowers and Blossoms Found in Holiday Displays

There is bound to be some overlap, right? Weddings, Christmas parties at home, events, holiday parties in the office–some people want their favourite flowers for every occasion. And we don’t blame them!

Roses, roses, roses. Who can resist? Roses feel right in all seasons, and for so many occasions. At your wedding, they symbolise and celebrate your love. And all winter long, on Christmas and around New Year’s, you can allow their warmth to linger.

Dhalia’s, darling, they’re marvellous! Precious, regal and captivating, dhalias are delightful and daring all at once, with petals that point and flare outward. White, blush, pastels, peach and pink, and creamy yellow shades from your bouquet design can also decorate your home around the holidays.

Paper whites, the prettiest little crowd-pleasers. These are tiny little petals you just won’t want to look away from–paper whites, also known as narcissus, are dainty and delicate as a snowfall.

Best Wedding Flowers Used as Christmas Centrepieces

Bouquet design is always a hot topic for discussion (one that you will want to have early on with your wedding florist), especially since year-round and seasonal wedding flowers can be ordered in groups or bundles that complement your other flower arrangements. Getting an accurate stem count and a sense for the number of blossoms in a centrepiece, your bridal bouquet, your bridesmaids bouquets and other wedding decor for your big day, will all help you keep within your budget.

If you have a favourite, flashy wedding centrepiece design, why not use some of them at home for Christmas centrepieces? Fancy to simple wedding decor ideas you have already covered with your wedding florist are a wonderful way to bring some excitement back home, and allow yourself the joy of decorating for the holidays without the added stresses of prolonged brainstorming and losing hours (days!) sifting through your best friends’ Instagrams and Pinterest walls…

If you consider yourself traditional, or just really need something that says ‘Christmas!’ then try a red roses bouquet, a classic wreath, or a Christmas flower arrangement in a woven wicker basket. Pine cones, white candles, decorative angels, ribbon, baubles and your own favourite gold, silver or emerald ornaments are the crowning touches.

Events Flowers: Wedding Florals Doubling as Decorations for Your New Year’s Celebration

Similarly, you may use some of those same wedding decor ideas and centrepiece flowers at New Year’s. What better way to celebrate your first, new year together?

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Fun, Festive and Merry: How to Make Floral Tapestries and Flower Earrings for the Holidays

December 22nd, 2017

Looking to tap into your creative side this season? Decorate for Christmas and the holidays? Flower petal earrings and floral tapestries are the answer. This holiday art project is totally kid friendly and lots of fun for adults as well. It combines home decor, floral fashion and festive, seasonal flowers to make for an enjoyable Christmas Day activity or something you can do together as a family. And here's how

Trendy Christmas Flower Displays

Below are the winter flowers and indoor plants we love, which will make beautiful additions when their leaves and petals are strung as earrings or transformed into a beautiful, twirling floral tapestry:

Poinsettia plants are classic, red and white roses play up traditional Christmas colour schemes, and of course mistletoe and holly berries are the flowers we are accustomed to seeing on Christmas. It is a sign of the season–rightly so!–as these indoor plants and holiday flowers bring many of us back to cherished family memories and the joyous celebrations of years past. Still, there is a modern, trendy and fashionable way for you and your friends to incorporate these familiar blossoms into new, bright displays.

Winter Flowers and Holiday Floral Arrangements

If you want to decorate with flowers on a budget or find cheap Christmas flowers gifts, consider ‘borrowing’ a few blossoms from a larger floral display you happen to already have (or see if a friend won't mind you taking a flower or two, then make a pair of flower earnings or tiny tapestry in return). Of course you can do the same thing if you decide to order flowers online.

How to Make Your Wintry Floral Tapestry and Flower Earrings for Christmas

The supplies you will need are flowers (of course!), the backs from a pair of earrings, headpins, hot glue, string, and a small wire cutter or jewellers pliers (the kid friendly part of this project, by the way, is the choosing and sorting of blossoms and flower petals).

Take your flower heads or individual petals and pierce them with the pin. Then cut the pin so there is about one centimetre sticking out. Clean this off with an alcohol wipe or dipped cotton ball. If you are making earrings, simply apply the earring backs to the exposed portion of the shortened pin, and you have yourself a pair of fresh flower earrings for Christmas!

If you want to make a tapestry, you can either thread your petals through, as with a needle and thread, or glue each one individually to the string. Make sure you measure out your string, think about the height and width you want for your tapestry, and plan where you will to hang it up for maximum effect.

Decorated Christmas Tree Earrings and Mini Wreaths

Want to add a little extra to your Christmas tapestry? Make your earrings that much more adorable, with a brash evergreen twist. Try adding a mini wreath or sprig of holly berries to your line of petals.

Wedding Trends This Winter: Find Unusually Striking and Beautiful Winter Flowers

November 30th, 2017

What are the most unusual wedding flowers you have come across? Now, you don’t want to get too crazy when it comes to winter wedding flowers. But as human beings we are naturally drawn to the exotic: the unfamiliar is interesting, intriguing, and strikes our curiosity in a particular way that can please the eye and leave us satisfied, or asking for more! Get your fill (for now) and find wedding flowers inspiration with these unusual and beautiful winter wedding flowers  


Hellebores Winter Wedding Bouquets

With nicknames like the ‘winter rose’ and ‘Christmas rose,’ it is surprising that this winter wedding flowers isn’t more popular in bridal bouquet designs and wedding decor (though it is, in fact, technically not related to the rose).

Five sturdy yet delicate-seeming petals on each hellebores stem blossom outward, curling up slightly like tiny cups or a hand upraised in joy, in a happy toast to bride and groom.

Foliage in Your Bouquet Design: Kumquats, Berries, and Ornamental Greenery

Don’t underestimate the beauty and celebratory power of natural, wild foliage and colourful to adorable berries. Decorative berries and tiny fruits are perfect if you want to tastefully adorn and add a bit of subtle flare to your bridal bouquet.

Kumquats, privet berries, blue berries, and holly berries around Christmas weddings and New Year’s weddings are natural ornamentation and suitable for the bright, festive atmosphere, especially in December and early January.

Some brides go all out, with even more rustic arrangements and natural wedding themes, opting for ornamental cabbages, kale and artichoke–even radishes!–in their bridal bouquets, buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen, and bridesmaid flowers and corsages. Pomegranates for winter weddings (and lemons in spring and summer) put a bold and vivid finish on the bouquet.

Tarantula Amaryllis Makes a Tantalising Floral Display

A flower that looks like a spider in your wedding bouquet? To be fair, this amaryllis doesn’t look like your average arachnid. Quite the contrary, actually. From the Victorian Language of Flowers, the amaryllis generally symbolises pride. Its petals flare outward in lily-like floral fashion, in a broad, gorgeous and sensual display.

Use Flowers to Create a Magical Experience

Freddy Grant of Bluethumb an Australian On-line Gallery celebrated getting married two weeks prior to legal proceedings on a beach in Darwin, where Frangipanis grow everywhere. Wanting to honour and remember this experience within the legal wedding, Frangipanis were incorporated into the official ceremony, in turn conjoining the ceremonies in one fantastic memory.

Cyclamen Can Be Oh So Neautiful this 2017 Wedding Season!

Cyclamen look like butterflies with their wings upraised, poised for flight or about to alight upon an outstretched blossom’s tender stem and sweet, perfumed and aromatic petals. So wait, would that make it a springtime flower? Well, not quite…

Cyclamen are a seasonal flower that can be grown in both spring and winter–so you can likely find your wedding flowers on a budget if the ever elegant cyclamen strike your fancy. Carmen red for Christmas bouquets and white flowers in monochromatic bouquet designs–paired with with peonies, roses or ranunculus–are beautiful combinations.

Two tone flowers are another, edgier possibility, if you want a more modern look and feel for your bouquet and contemporary wedding theme. White petals with a magenta or light pink spot near the stem are common; and deep red and purple with white fringed petals are another popular look among brides.

Top Flower Fashions in 2017: What Makes Florist of the Year?

November 15th, 2017

Love flowers? Excited for the holidays and this winter wedding season? So are we! Flower fashions, decor and wedding features were even more exciting this year, in 2017, after our English Wedding Award nomination and winning Florist of the Year. We at Todich Floral Design are proud to display some of our winning wedding design ideas, in addition stunning florals finding their way into hotel lobbies, restaurants and window displays

Wedding Venues in London: Reception Flowers and Ceremony Flowers

What sort of floral designs do you choose for you wedding ceremony? And afterward (once you are officially wed!), how do you greet your guests and create the perfect atmosphere? Whether you decide on a wedding theme that says opulence, chic, modern, or something that is a bit more subdued and natural in the way of flower arrangements, you can piece together perfection blossom by blossom or by beginning with colour palettes, wedding themes, or textures you feel strongly about.

Hotel Lobby Flowers for the Holidays

Being Florist of the Year and winner of the English Wedding Awards 2017, Todich Floral Design extends its expertise and wedding flowers focus to hotel lobbies and holiday flower arrangements as well.

Specialising in large lobby arrangements and tall floral displays, our expert florists have been able to fill luxuriant spaces with flowers and decorate for the holidays, working with some of London’s best hotels from the elegant and boutique to the most lavish, large commercial names in the hospitality industry.

White orchids for added elegance, peonies, chrysanthemums, crystal and glass vases, table arrangements and floral displays that incorporate branches and greenery, they are all designed to elevate the natural allure and set apart your space as something special and inviting for guests.

Restaurant Flowers that Say it All–Create a Genuine Atmosphere

What kinds of flowers make a statement about your restaurant or cocktail bar? More importantly, are your restaurant flowers saying what you want them to? Our events florists combine an expertise in event planning, seasonal flowers knowledge and design ideas. This is true for all clients, whether it is special events flowers, bartop flower decorations or the subtle touches that blossoms lend to the wedding reception itself.

Orchid arrangements are simple yet elegant. Their sensual shape and connotation are able equally to set an atmosphere of allure for fine dining, receptions, and guests seeking romance, or, in crisp white flower displays, they can offer a clean, bright finish for your venue and restaurant.

Creating the Perfect Floral Window Display

The perfect floral window display balances big, beautiful blossoms and captivating flower fashions without distracting from the main feature–the fashion, the furniture, your product concept and brand, and of course the decor and a glimpse at the interior to peak the potentially customer’s curiosity…

Branches, cascades of draped greenery and other lush to dark green foliage are a number of beautiful ways to frame any window display. With this floral abundance, create a scene to be both observed, absorbed and fully enjoyed.

Best Bridal Bouquet Designs: Tips, Advice and Floral Trends for 2017

October 31st, 2017

As a finalist for this year’s English Wedding Awards and nominee for Best Bridal Bouquet Designer in the London & LUX Innovation Award for Floral Wedding Design 2017, we at Todich Floral Design wanted to share some of the best bridal bouquets and designs out there, even on a budget…so without delay, here is some wintry inspiration, advice and matrimonial delight:


Consider The Many Flower Varieties Out There

The types and varieties of wedding floral arrangements are virtually endless, and yet so many brides come in to their wedding consultation knowing they positively want (or need!) roses and ranunculus in their bridal bouquet.

Roses, hydrangeas, carnations, different varieties of lilies and other flowers are available year round. Though some types of flowers are only available in-season. You might have a firm idea of what is right for your dream wedding, or you might be open to discussion bouquet designs and other ideas for wedding styles and themes. It’s always a good idea to talk it out.

Be Clear On Your Wedding Flowers Budget

You want to be absolutely clear on your flowers budget from the beginning. That means getting everybody involved, especially your partner! Getting people on the same page will prevent overspending and unpleasant budget surprises later on.

Be upfront with your wedding florist, too. Ask for a wedding flowers pricing guide and strategies for figuring out how much to spend on your wedding flowers. Dividing up your wedding flowers is one way to keep track of spending. If you consider personal flowers, there’s not just your bridal bouquet, but also the bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, boutonnieres and corsages for other members of the wedding party.

This way everyone knows what kinds of blooms (and at what prices) you’re looking at.

Ask Your Florist About Colour And Texture Of Your Bridal Bouquet

Selecting the colour and texture of your bouquet, or bridesmaid bouquets, is not a science. Nothing looks exactly like it shows up in the online brochure or wedding catalogue. Keep in mind that many of these have been colour cropped and adjusted to be ‘perfect.’

But by discussing colour and texture with your florist you can become more knowledgeable of colour pairings, two-tone and monochromatic colour schemes for weddings, and ways you might incorporate fun foliage and greenery. For example, white and peach peonies, lisianthus, white roses, sweet peas and woody branches create a wonderful colour balance if you are looking for a wild, natural and yet softer tone in your winter bouquet.

And you will be able to gauge expectations when you see your wedding photos!

See Where You Can Double-down On Stems

Keeping track of the number of flowers you’ve purchased and the amount of flowers in each bouquet helps you do two things. One, it’s another way for you to budget your wedding flowers–or at least keep a running tab in your mind. And two, if you know you have two or three varieties of flowers in your bridal bouquet, for example, you might be able to repurpose them in other kinds of wedding displays, like table arrangements, centrepieces and runners.

The Art of Corporate Flowers: Office Feng Shui and Workplace Productivity

September 4th, 2017

Feng shui through flowers is a way for you to harness boosted energy, gain inner peace, and reap the benefits of greater productivity whether you do your work from home or go into the office. As Erin Conrad, Consultant at TelcoSolutions, explains, "increasing productivity in the workplace is essential for ensuring your business doesn't lose revenue. However, it's also important in terms of your employees' mental health. After all, productive and motivated employees are happier ones."

Matt Riley, Managing Director of Tonic Design, says: "I believe humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature and good office design should include a physical connection to nature as one of its primary goals. Studies have found that plants may provide improved air quality to work spaces and may assist with creating positive psychological effects for occupants."

Additionally, Lyly Greca from Miei Fiori explains that "office flowers provide benefits such as clean and fresh air, joy and happiness, life and movement as well as enhance and highlight interiors. It is important to base office flower desicions on a blend of interior design and horticulture."

Pick from these feng shui flowers and decorating tips to liven up your corporate space, beautify your lobby or office, and boost employee morale.


Feng Shui Corporate Flowers For Elevating a Sense of Camaraderie

Flower arrangements that follow the time-old principles of feng shui act as a source of renewal, imbuing rooms and surfaces with visual grace and beauty, even sensuality, and encourage us all to cultivate a general sense of gratitude. Cherry blossoms, for example (sounds like cheery, doesn’t it?) are one method for brightening up lobbies, the corners of your office, and helping to encourage coworkers’ collaboration.

Only once we appreciate our surroundings, feel comfortable and calm in our workspace, can we focus on the work that lies in front of us and simultaneously raise awareness and give our attention to others around us who may need our help.

When picking a theme it is important to remember the type of environmewnt you want the office to be. Anthony Ashworth, a Consultant Designer and Shaman explains that "from a Feng Shui perspective an office space is not a home & needs to have a more vibrant upbeat energy, the energy needs to be more masculine in its nature and is called Yang energy. If the office is to feminine by it’s nature it’s called Yin energy, in which case staff & management may be lethargic, lack creativity and forward thinking."

Lotus Flowers in the Lunchroom, in Meeting Rooms and Home Offices

One of the clean, clear and essential components of fung shui is simplicity. And there are few flowers with the simple purity and perfection, the beauty and peace promoting properties like the lotus flower.

Lotus flower arrangements can be displayed in your own office, the cafeteria, or meeting tables. Lotus flowers clear the mind, bringing about an inner harmony with one’s thoughts (how you see your own behaviours or performance at work, for example) and allow you to let go of the past, not dwell too much on the future, and instead shift into a lucid and focused space in the present.

Bamboo Plants and Zen Gardens for a Sense of Well-Being

Sometimes, in order to cultivate mindfulness and tap into our more creative selves, and especially our capacities for solving the more difficult problems we can face at work, we need to take an active break from the issue at hand.

Bamboo plants and Zen garden flower arrangements are perfect for active contemplation. The simplicity of green office plants and beauty of nature is a way to increase the harmony of one’s surroundings, tapping into the power of feng shui décor while not overwhelming any one area with too much colour or “busier” and more complex flower arrangements.

Office Layout and Feng Shui Flower Placement

It is important not to overlook the way you arrange the flowers and furniture in your office. From the vantage point of feng shui, anything that disrupts the flow of your space or physically interrupts your movement through the room will actually impede your creativity and ability to think coherently.

So, definitely keep your desk clear of papers, loose pens, and any office odds and ends like tacks or paper clips. Dust frequently. Also position your feng shui flowers or indoor plants in the corners of your office—according to the wisdom and principles of feng shui, this should prevent sluggishness and encourage a more active energy, with great mental acuity.

Using Natural Elements to Ensure Feng Shui in Your Office

Morgan Lovell also adds that incorporating wood into your office's decor is also an important part of improving employee well-being and productivity through Feng Shui. They offer the following advice: "Similar to the way indoor plants can help ease stress, indoor wood surfaces can also improve physiological health. It was revealed that 82% of workers who were exposed to eight or more wooden surfaces in their office were either ‘satisfied or very satisfied’ with their work, compared with only 53% of workers with no wooden surfaces present in their workplace.

"The natural warmth and calm that wood evokes can have a profound impact on physical wellbeing, from lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, to alleviating stress. These health benefits resonate through all levels of an organisation; helping to encourage positive social interactions and increased productivity, to reducing stress-related absenteeism.  After all, a healthy employee is a happy one!"

Jade Pearlhouse, a Content Marketer and Professional Ghostwriter, adds: "H. Jackson Brown Jr. famously said, "Always have something beautiful in sight, even if it's just a daisy in a jelly glass." Therefore, if there are some flowers in the office, they can boost our mood. We can add actual flowers and plants to our offices, but we also benefit from seeing pictures of flowers and plants on the wall (or just the computer's background wallpaper) because the human brain automatically associates these images with positive feelings, thereby improving our productivity at work."

As Tony Rahman from Fiji Resorts and Magnetic Phone Holder concludes: "A new study found that an office enriched with plants doesn't just make employees happier but it actually boosts productivity by 20%. This is the first study to look at the long term effects that plant can have on the quality of professional life. But it`s timely, considering a lot of companies are now starting to adopt the idea of 'Lean Office Management' where they strip the office of any extraneous decorations, to reduce distractions and they can accommodate more people as needed.

"Researchers looked at employees from two large commercial offices in the UK and Holland and monitored their activity levels over a 2 month period, during which time plants were intoduced in their workplace. Employees were also surveyed on their concerntration levels, workplace satisfaction and perceptions of air quality within their office. Turns out employees from previously 'lean' office environments became more satisfied with their workplace, reported increased concerntration levels, and perceived the air quality in their offices to be better once plants were introduced.

"Adorning your office with plants helps employees be more physically, mentally and emotionally involved in their work. And the reason for that , is that it communicates to workers that their employer cares about them and their welfare."

Keep Your Cool In The Office This Summer With These Corporate Plants And Office Flowers 

July 19th, 2017

It's hot, probably so muggy so that you don't even want to know what the humidity is at, and on top of all that you have a pile of paperwork or assignments and projects that have built up. Which means just one thing: stress. This can have a detrimental effect on your work, as well as your general mental well-being. As Paul Solicari from SweepSmart explains: "The more stressed you get, the harder you'll find it to focus on your various tasks, and the more work that pile up as a result. Unfortunately, this is an on-going cycle that will just make you more stressed in the long run."

As Kerry Clewer, Marketing Manager at inspiresport warns, stress can have a number of negative effects on the body. She says: "headaches, insomnia, heartburn a weakened immune system and high blood pressure are just some of the unpleasant (and sometimes serious) symptoms you can experience as a result of stress, whether this is from your school, work or homelife."

Don't sweat too much, though. According to Ben Marrin, Director of Wow Event Hire, "there are many steps you can take to reduce your stress levels at work, from practicing mindfulness to talking to someone that can help. Investing in office plants, however, has also been proven to boost happiness and concentration, helping to lower stress."

If you are feeling the pressure or especially stressed out at work, and want to relax and keep your cool in the office, then these top corporate flowers and office plants should be of service:

Jade Plants. The smooth, water droplet shapes of the jade plant’s leaves will have you smooth sailing, serene and calm, feeling fluid and flexible and free—just like water. 

And, fortunately for you, the jade plant is a succulent, which means it requires infrequent watering and won't demand much maintenance around your office or attention in general (other than an affectionate gaze every once in a while).

Peace Lily. This simple, elegant office plant proffers good vibes, clean air and serenity like it's its business. It will also help you and your business, too, because you'll find that with fresh air and nature comes greater powers of concentration and peace of mind. So, you get to be less stressed and feel more productive while you work.

English Ivy. A clinging, creeping green vine that can crawl its way up brick facades and the outer walls and sides of buildings, all just as well as it can hang luxuriantly from your office bookshelf or drape across and dangle from a windowsill. 

English ivy is particular adept at filtering pollution from the air, too, especially in closed environments and poorly ventilated spaces (like office buildings)…incredibly, studies have shown that this miraculous plant picks fecal-matter particulate and formaldehyde (found in cleaning products) from the air. 

As unsavoury as this may sound, we can be thankful for this particular plant that's saving our airways. 

Gerberas. Gerberas daisies come in many varieties, colouration and sizes. Did you know that the head of the flower, while appearing like a single blossom, is in fact many—actually, hundreds—of tiny little flowers? Ponder that for a while to take your mind off whatever ails you. 

Snake Plants. What's that sneaking off into the corner of your office? Why, it's a potted snake plant! Also known as Sansevieria, the elongated spiked leaves grow straight and tall, shaped like snakes or small swords. Its deep green leaves are outlined in yellow. And it's a pretty corporate plant for contemplation, one that can definitely assist you in easing your mind and relinquishing your troubles if you need a mental break.

Dracaena. Not nearly as draconian as their name would suggest, dracaena plants are in fact benign and friendly office plants, not bossy at all, that can grow up to two meters (indoors). They also do a good job of filtering the air at the office. And, if you're stressed by the presence of your boss or colleagues peering over at you from their own desks, just set up a row of potted dracaena for some cover!

For New Brides in 2017: Best Autumn Floral Fashion Trends

July 3rd, 2017

If you are already thinking ahead to this autumn's floral fashions, then you have a lot in store. It is time to get excited for dark fabrics with bright contrasts, greenery galore, silken sheen and the most textured, warm hued autumn flowers. Looking forward to drops in temperature and leaves falling might seem odd to some people, but it makes total sense when you know it means the onset of the autumn wedding season. Keep reading for a bride's guide of trending autumn floral fashions you won't want to miss:


Select Seasonal Autumn Flowers

Dahlias, lilies, gerberas daisies and celosia. Alstromeria, chrysanthemums and yarrow flowers. Bridal bouquets and lavish centrepieces composed of these seasonal flowers are already trending and definitely growing in popularity. With a growing awareness of environmental impact and love for the local movement, each year more and more brides are choosing their flowers in-season and sourcing as many local blooms as possible. If you're interested in taking a similarly eco-friendly stance on the day that you exchange your vows, as a couple you can always talk with your wedding florist.

Simply Can't Deny That Dahlia Appeal

Dahlias are as popular as ever this season. You will probably even catch them popping up at weddings this summer, and extending all the way into autumn.

Which Dahlia Varieties?

Keep your eyes out for the much sought-after Cafe au Lait, with colours ranging from blush to peach to a creamy beige. Peaches and Cream dahlia varieties strikingly contrast colours light pink, red, yellow and white tipped petals. Meanwhile, Labyrinth presents a hot pink exclusive, with funky petals that resemble the curve and swerve of calla lilies.

Throwback To Old Flower 'Favourites'

Brides and wedding florists alike used to wilt at the very thought of mums, carnations and zinnias sneaking their way into their flower arrangements. 'I won't! I won't! I won't!' could be heard all the way down and from the back of the aisle. Not exactly graceful, which is why we call the trend flower 'favourites' in quotations.

Astonishingly, these blooms are now blasting off, showing up all over brides' news feeds on Instagram and Pinterest. They are quickly becoming part of some of the most popular floral design, not just for brides but also at openings, receptions and events. Watch for them in centrepieces this autumn.

Dark and Heavy Colours

Don't look so down! The stormy, darker hues and 'muddy' tones are going to be especially big this autumn. The neutral and low hue contrasts will help to balance out autumn wedding bouquets that use a single colour or pale, subdued coloured blossoms like peach, melon, dulce de leche and pale or flame blue.  

Soft Pastels, Pinks and Grey Notes

Riding on the trail of the same reasoning that inspired 'dark and heavy colours,' we are seeing a lot of light to pale pinks, pastels, and grey hues in flower arrangements, particularly of roses and the ever adorable peonies. Expect complimentary greenery in these arrangements, like Dusty Miller, eucalyptus leaves, and lots of succulent varieties.