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Exclusive, Traditional & Loving Family-focused Wedding with Gorgeous Bouquets and Wedding Flowers at the Queen Mary Undercroft

A stunning bride, designer wedding flowers and wedding reception flower designs were exquisitely matched for this winter wedding in London at the Queen Mary Undercroft, by the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. The classically lavish and historical setting offered a delightful backdrop to the parents and proud family of the bride and groom. The bride’s vision and our London florists’ wedding flower ideas for winter were perfectly complemented by the majestic stone columns, a complete built-in bar, large dance floor and vaulted ceilings from which hung romantically lit crystal chandeliers. Here, in an atmosphere of elegance, their beautiful ceremony was followed by dancing, fine music and a catered reception.       

We probably have to take something of a breather after such a breathtaking and gorgeous display of wedding flowers! Not to mention the outpouring of love, family pride, display after display of flower arrangements for weddings…and oh, yes, all the fun! We witnessed a lot at this bride and groom’s wedding, and here it is–or at least as much as we were able to capture!–for you to appreciate and feel inspired.  

On the day of the wedding, the main hall at Queen Mary Undercroft, located at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, was decorated with crystal, crisp white tablecloth and parchment stationery, and of course fabulous wedding centrepieces. The flower arrangements at the reception for this wedding were made from Baby’s Breath (or gypsophila) flowers, arranged with eucalyptus, and displayed simply in wine bottles placed and centred at guests’ tables.

The bridal bouquet was a dreamy sight indeed composed of sweet avalanche roses, Duchesse Nemo white peonies, White irises, Baby’s Breath and eucalyptus. Every one of the wedding flowers ideas were carefully planned and discussed beforehand. Bride and groom were able to share their wedding arrangements ideas with expert designers and London wedding florists. And each aspect, every wedding flower, bridal bouquet types and colour were purposeful in detail, including the bride’s flowers, her bridesmaid bouquets and the wedding reception flower designs.


Top tip from an expert…

“Wedding flowers can consume a large part of your wedding day budget, so it is important to select flowers that reflect the theme or colour palette of your day. The use of flowers in your wedding day also can reflect the personality of the couple, purity and happiness.

Once you have selected your colour palette, you can then decide on wedding flowers within your budget. Roses and orchids are popular for brides-to-be and come in most colours but can be expensive and colour availability would depend on your florist.” – Natalie Churchill, Only Dream Dresses


Often, couples choose wedding flowers by wedding season, and by bringing their own ideas, history, special memories and personalities into the equation, wedding flower decorations are always unique. Something extra special and touching to behold about these wedding flowers and decorations was how the couple mingled special moments in with the wedding reception flowers.

Entering the reception hall after the ceremony, wine bottles were displayed on each table, each filled with delicate sprays and sweet clusters of Baby’s Breath wedding flowers, because the groom had proposed to the bride while they were on holiday at a vineyard in France. Also, in honour of the bride’s mum, White Irises were used in both the bridal bouquet and other floral designs for the wedding reception.  
If you love elegant simplicity, classic pastel wedding flowers decoration, traditional bridal bouquets and white wedding flower design, then ask us more about this London wedding at the Queen Mary Undercroft.

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