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Restaurant Flower Trends for Autumn

Displaying flowers in your bar or restaurant are the perfect way to create a welcoming atmo- sphere and add colour to your décor. Flowers displayed at the entrance set the tone and flo- wers on tables, carefully arranged so as not be intrusive, are a wonderful addition to your customer’s experience. Your restaurant flowers can be anything you want them to be, and the team of expert restaurant florists at Todich Flower Design are on hand to create the perfect arrangements to enhance your bar or restaurant.

You may have in mind the exact kinds of restaurant plants or flowers to complement your eatery, or you could take inspiration from the current trends in restaurant flower design. We’ve taken some of the key flower trends of 2014 and looked at them with particular focus on autumnal ideas to bring colour and opulence to interior design as the shorter days draw in. Take a look at these for inspiration – whether you run a high-end restaurant or a relaxed gastro-pub, these trends can be adapted to suit any establishment.

1157426_10151662753273897_1111841883_nRustic richness The trend for bri- nging the outdoors in has been key throughout 2014, and the autumn months offer no end of inspiration to creating rustic displays and outdoor additions to your flowers. As the leaves turn spectacular shades of red and gold, conkers litter the ground and bright red berries dot the trees, you can look to Mother Nature for ideas for your arrangements. Restaurant florists in London will be able to help you create the perfect displays of rustic richness for receptions, bars and tables.

Berries like rosehips and hyperi- cums are wonderful additions to bouquets of roses, dahlias or chrysanthemums – which you can find in autumn shades of yellow and red. Don’t be afraid to add fruits like apples or grapes to your flower displays at your restaurant or bar’s entrance. This is the season of richness and abundance, and brightly coloured fruits can perfectly complement a display of vibrant blooms. You could even add chillies for an exotic edge, still keeping with the rich tones of autumn. Bark and twigs can be added to flower design and work well for attention-grabbing welcome displays and more discreet table flowers. Bark can be wrapped around stems, or pieces added to an arrangement. You could even incorporate autumn branches and leaves which of course can be found in a dozen different beautiful shades.

Vintage revival 1920s Gatsby-era glamour was a key interior design and floral trend for 2014, and the opulence of Autumn makes it perfect choice for your restaurant or bar flowers design. Metallics are a particular focus for this trend and flower vessels in silver, gold or bronze will add real decadence to your interior design. Roses and lilies make a great choice to fit with this trend – choose elegant white, or bring a splash of colour with red or pink blooms. Roses are also available in muted shades of mauve, off-white and pale yellow which will bring a real old-glamour feel to your interior design.

Photoshoot-6-001_900If the décor of your bar or resta- urant is more rustic, then decadent blooms will look unique and unusual in vintage vessels like antique coffee pots or mismatched glass bottles and jars. Tea cups are also a popular way to display flower heads on tables, or to grow succulent plants in. Fishbowl vases are also a beautiful way to display your flower arrangements – both at the entrance to your bar or restaurant or on tables.

Autumn abundance – Keats descri- bed it as a ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, and autumn certainly is a time of richness and abundance. Celebrate this in your restaurant design by incorporating seasonal pumpkins and squashes into your display (especially appro- priate at Halloween!), or you could even hollow the gourds out and use them as vessels for your flowers.

An bountiful arrangement at the end of the bar or reception is the perfect way to greet your guests, and an autumnal display of rich oranges, reds and yellows is sure set the right tone. Whether you’re looking for an elegant, high-class look or a more rustic feel, the experts at restaurant florists Todich Flower Design can recommend the flowers and design to suit your bar or restaurant.

Roses are a great choice as they are available in so many shades – including autumnal oranges and reds. Make a statement with a bountiful bouquet at the entrance to your bar or restaurant, and choose single roses snipped near the top of the stem for tables. Dahlias are sumptuous blooms that make great flowers for restaurants. They also bloom in lots of different shades, so you can choose autumn colours or go for bright pinks and purples.

482395_10151482327088897_1607675688_nColour celebration – You don’t have to stick with the traditional autumnal colours to be on-trend this season: a vibrant rainbow of different shades has been a key look in flowers for this year. The flowers available this time of year come in an array of different colours, so you can create a bright display to greet guests and add splashes of colour to tables.

Roses, dahlias, gerberas and orchids are available in dozens of bright shades so you can choose a single strong colour or mix it up. Blue has been very popular in interior design this year, but if you feel blue flowers may be too cool for an inviting restaurant, you could always incorporate this into the design by choosing blue vases, like vintage bottles or willow-pattern cups to keep with the 1920s glamour trend.


There’s no doubt that both the colours and richness of autumn and the ideas in these flower trends for 2014 offer plenty of inspiration for your restaurant or bar flower design, and can also work for hotel receptions. Todich Flower Design will be able to give you even more ideas and, as experts in corporate flowers, will work with you to create the exact look you need to create the perfect experience for your guests.

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