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Serbian Wedding Flowers & Traditions

The summer is slowly passing in Serbia, and it has been one full of weddings—just like any other summer. The season of autumn weddings is now on the go. Weddings in Serbia are a big deal (like anywhere else). In the past these events would be no less than a three day affair.

Wedding Bouquets 246In the northern area of Serbia, we are host to a multitude of nationalities and a greater number of wedding traditions. They vary from town to town, culture to culture, but one thing never changes, these affairs always end up being the best parties.

To give you a slight idea of what goes down at the simplest of weddings, the bride gets kidnapped, the groom drinks from his mother-in-laws shoes and guests stuff into the pockets of the musicians – to name a few.

Of course, there is order to this chaos, everything is arranged in a timely manner and even the youngest of couples stick to tradition and add their modern, youthful and personal touch through the décor. Even the menu follows tradition, you will never go to a wedding here and find exotic foods, it’s all wonderful home-cooked meals on a bigger scale. Chicken soup is a standard, and it is brought out to guests singing the national anthem.

2_resizeBut this does not mean that young brides are showing up in their mother’s dress, and that the reception is decorated with dusty old artificial wedding flowers. The décor is where the bride still has some leeway. Romance is always the first and foremost at weddings here.

This summer the weddings I attended all seemed to be following a natural wedding flowers look. Every single one seemed to have green flowers as one of the base colours of the décor. A friend of mine, who is energetic and chipper, matched her light-green flowers with bright /1/">pink flowers and /5/">yellow flowers; this really conveyed her personality well. My laid-back quiet cousin also had green fresh flowers as her base colour with /10/">peach coloured roses adding the romantic detail.

The dresses I saw this summer also a reflected a more natural look, long flowing dresses. In fact, I didn’t see one corseted, princess dress over the course of the summer. It seems to be all about romance and Mother Nature this summer. Not only were the dresses flowing but the bouquets as well, long trailing bouquets were a constant. Even my cousin with her peach roses, had trailing grass details.

White Bouquets 02This summer the table top flower decorations seemed to be more demur. There were small wedding flower arrangements in glass vases; the greenery used to decorate the venue was used to fill the space, while the flowers served as the centerpieces.

One tradition that I was not aware of that I found out about this summer. If you are unable to attend a wedding or spend only a short time at the reception, it is quite commen to place a bouquet of flowers on the reception table. The bouquet type and the wedding flowers you choose should be a reflection of how you see the young couple and a card with your best regards is also a great addition.

Even if you don’t want your wedding to last “three days and three nights,” I think there are some wonderful ideas for an upcoming wedding in our old and slightly crazy traditions!

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