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Silver and Gold Well-Deserved at the Chelsea Flower Show


So the Chelsea Flower show has passed, and who went home a winner? Well, the results are quite surprising, there was quite a contrast between silver and gold. The difference was in size; first place was taken by a tiny garden that had more greenery than flowers, while second place went to a large and colourful garden. Both gardens had one thing in common, their message.

The first garden was designed with the help of indigenous women from Cameroon. Marking the first occasion that indigenous women have come to the show to help design a display. The display was called the Green & Blacks Rainforest Garden, and it is a bit small and very overgrown. The centrepiece of this garden was a mongolulu (leaf house). But this little garden carried a large and important message; it was an attempt to make people aware of the destruction of rainforests.

The Indigenous people of Cameroon live and feed off of the rainforest, which has been deteriorating due to logging and mining. Along with the beautiful tropical plants, a mining helmet, gun and chainsaw were displayed, as reminder that their way of life is being destroyed.

An entire community designed the second display, which is the largest to date at Chelsea. The Eden Project Places of Change took up the area of three regular gardens. Prisoners and the homeless worked together to create this display (they were featured in a previous blog). And it is wonderful to see that they have done so well! The rough aspects of the display are meant to symbolize the difficult journey of life, while the doors scattered across the garden represent hope and the future.

Decoration and design can seem like a daunting task. But sometimes inspiration can be right in front of your nose! For these award-winning gardeners, all it took was an issue close to their hearts. If you are preparing for an important event in the near future, try to make the theme of the event something that you truly care about. Todich Floral Design can help you realize your ideas, with a team of experts to help.

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