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Event Flowers 101: Impress Your Guests With These Beautiful Blossoms

Need a few events flowers ideas for a party or reception this spring? Whether you're planning a large-scale corporate event and want to impress your boss or important clients, or it is an intimate gathering at home, these events flowers will absolutely wow! your guests. Keep reading for the spring seasons top flowers and event planning ideas below. 



The aim of fabulous event flowers is to inspire and be inspiring: impress your guests with creative design ideas and instill an atmosphere of intimacy, intrigue and excitement, matching your event theme and festive decorum, whether you are planning a grand opening party, a business event, throwing a corporate gala or charity ball, or even simply inviting several friends and family in for the holidays.

Point being, carefully planned and expert flowers design can transform your event into a stunning, lovely affair for all to enjoy.

Spring Floral Fashion: Cherry Blossom and Branch Arrangements

Branches with flower blossoms are a way to scaffold, to structure, to frame and help set the tone and mood for your event. Sweet blossoms will also fill the surrounding area with their lovely fragrance. There are several varieties of spring branches and blossoms that you can use in decor and to accentuate the spring decorations for your event: peach blossoms, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms and apple blossoms. Their pink and white hues, with crepe thin delicate petals, are the perfect backdrop and welcome for people as they arrive.

Use branches in simple to elaborate table centrepieces, on their own, or also in combination with other floral arrangements.

Hanging Spring Flower Arrangements

Spring is a season of growth, of abundance and profusion, of green cascades and a touch of wild, energetic playfulness. Hanging floral fashions and arrangements help you to capture and present this spring fundamental. Outdoor events—garden parties, cocktail receptions, wedding celebrations—do well to decorate with flowers, vines and greenery draped over the edges of tables, hanging from balconies, on trellises, from archways and in entrances.


DIY Table Flowers and Floral Centrepieces for Events

Put together your own floral centrepieces, for events big and small, by picking out two or three varieties of flowers at your local florist. Select at least one large, full and prominent bloom—such as peonies, roses or lilies—to act as the focal point of your flower arrangement. Smaller filler flowers and accentuating notes can be achieved with asters, Queen Anne's lace, or in between blossoms, like posies and ranunculus—small in stature but no less striking than larger blooms.

Chair Flowers: Beautiful Flower Decorations Stand Out!

Sitting or standing, guests will be able to appreciate fine floral decorations for their chairs, whether they at the table or watching from across the ballroom.
Flower wreaths hung from the backs of chairs, strung with spring roses or daisies, for example, are a great way to jazz up your event flowers. So are individual blossoms tied with satin ribbon, or a combination of flowers and sheer linen or lace: perfectly draped to suggest comfort, extravagance and allure. 

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