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Summer Colours to Make Your Event Pop!!

One of the best ways to give your event style is to choose colours and colour combinations that are in this season. The best source of hot and stylish colours is the runway and fashion, you might even look at the colours you are wearing this summer to decorate your summer wedding or other important event.

  1. Apricot and Dusty Green: It is almost natural that these colours are a hit this season; you just need to take a walk in an orchard to see these shades during the summer. They have also been on the runway. One of the best flowers to choose for this colour combination is the strelitzia, as it already holds these shades, and has a drop of purple to give some added detail

  3. Deep Red and Light Blue: This colour combination is reminiscent of a bowl of cherries. If you are planning to use roses in your decor this can be the perfect combination. Deep red is not your usual summer colour, but the light blue will give it the added summery freshness your event needs.

  5. Violet and Light Gray: Gray has been the new black for some time now. This colour combination is the perfect choice for a more refined and held-back event. These colours will give an event a soft and quiet air. To give shades some contrast, your flowers can be arranged with deep green foliage. You can also have monochromatic bouquets, where all the flowers are violet, but in various shades to give the arrangements some depth.

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