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Keep Your Cool In The Office This Summer With These Corporate Plants And Office Flowers 

It's hot, probably so muggy so that you don't even want to know what the humidity is at, and on top of all that you have a pile of paperwork or assignments and projects that have built up. Which means just one thing: stress. This can have a detrimental effect on your work, as well as your general mental well-being. As Paul Solicari from SweepSmart explains: "The more stressed you get, the harder you'll find it to focus on your various tasks, and the more work that pile up as a result. Unfortunately, this is an on-going cycle that will just make you more stressed in the long run."

As Kerry Clewer, Marketing Manager at inspiresport warns, stress can have a number of negative effects on the body. She says: "headaches, insomnia, heartburn a weakened immune system and high blood pressure are just some of the unpleasant (and sometimes serious) symptoms you can experience as a result of stress, whether this is from your school, work or homelife."

Don't sweat too much, though. According to Ben Marrin, Director of Wow Event Hire, "there are many steps you can take to reduce your stress levels at work, from practicing mindfulness to talking to someone that can help. Investing in office plants, however, has also been proven to boost happiness and concentration, helping to lower stress."

If you are feeling the pressure or especially stressed out at work, and want to relax and keep your cool in the office, then these top corporate flowers and office plants should be of service:

Jade Plants. The smooth, water droplet shapes of the jade plant’s leaves will have you smooth sailing, serene and calm, feeling fluid and flexible and free—just like water. 

And, fortunately for you, the jade plant is a succulent, which means it requires infrequent watering and won't demand much maintenance around your office or attention in general (other than an affectionate gaze every once in a while).

Peace Lily. This simple, elegant office plant proffers good vibes, clean air and serenity like it's its business. It will also help you and your business, too, because you'll find that with fresh air and nature comes greater powers of concentration and peace of mind. So, you get to be less stressed and feel more productive while you work.

English Ivy. A clinging, creeping green vine that can crawl its way up brick facades and the outer walls and sides of buildings, all just as well as it can hang luxuriantly from your office bookshelf or drape across and dangle from a windowsill. 

English ivy is particular adept at filtering pollution from the air, too, especially in closed environments and poorly ventilated spaces (like office buildings)…incredibly, studies have shown that this miraculous plant picks fecal-matter particulate and formaldehyde (found in cleaning products) from the air. 

As unsavoury as this may sound, we can be thankful for this particular plant that's saving our airways. 

Gerberas. Gerberas daisies come in many varieties, colouration and sizes. Did you know that the head of the flower, while appearing like a single blossom, is in fact many—actually, hundreds—of tiny little flowers? Ponder that for a while to take your mind off whatever ails you. 

Snake Plants. What's that sneaking off into the corner of your office? Why, it's a potted snake plant! Also known as Sansevieria, the elongated spiked leaves grow straight and tall, shaped like snakes or small swords. Its deep green leaves are outlined in yellow. And it's a pretty corporate plant for contemplation, one that can definitely assist you in easing your mind and relinquishing your troubles if you need a mental break.

Dracaena. Not nearly as draconian as their name would suggest, dracaena plants are in fact benign and friendly office plants, not bossy at all, that can grow up to two meters (indoors). They also do a good job of filtering the air at the office. And, if you're stressed by the presence of your boss or colleagues peering over at you from their own desks, just set up a row of potted dracaena for some cover!

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