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Gorgeous Ideas for Summer Wedding Flower Bouquets

A summer wedding is the perfect opportunity to include beautiful seasonal flowers in wedding bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. The gorgeous blooms available and the many joyful colours to choose from are great inspiration for wedding flowers – there’s everything from elegant roses and peonies to rustic garden flowers like daffodils and cornflowers. Summer bouquets can be anything from cheerful and rustic to elegant and upmarket. This time of year is all about new life – so what a perfect time to celebrate the new life you’ll have with your partner after your beautiful ceremony! Take a look at these wedding flower ideas to create the perfect summer wedding.

Seasonal Shades

Although any look can be created for bridal bouquet designs, for creating a real summer theme the colour palette of the season is a great one to choose. Summer shades are all about freshness and joy, and are perfect for a wedding.

Yellow is an obvious choice for summer – a beautiful colour expressing the pure happiness of a wedding day, that will look stunning held alongside a white wedding dress. Daffodils are of course the epitome of summertime: a bountiful bouquet of these will look delightful, with smaller posies for the bridesmaids, or you could pair them with white flowers like roses or white daffodil varieties. Other yellow flowers to choose from are roses, gerberas, irises or freesias. Create a multi-flower bouquet of the same shade or pair your yellow blooms with white, blue or purple flowers to make the yellow really pop.

Indeed, blue, white and yellow are traditional summer shades reflecting the beautiful flowers decorating our gardens and woodland this time of year. It also conjures up images of summertime favourites like yellow chicks, white eggs and blue skies – all symbolic of the new life that summer, and your summer wedding, brings. There are so many different varieties of summer flowers to choose from for this look: here are some ideas.

Blue: hyacinth, hydrangea, muscari, irises, cornflowers
White: roses, gerberas, paperwhite daffodils, baby’s breath, peonies
Yellow: daffodils, roses, tulips, irises, freesias, gerberas, sunflowers

Pastel shades are also very popular for summertime bridal wedding bouquets: think peach, cream and mauve and pale shades of orange and yellow. Roses are perfect blooms to choose from as you’ll find these flowers in almost every colour, while flowers like hydrangeas and ranunculus are also available in subtle shades. Add soft green foliage, and even succulents, to create a truly harmonious look.

You can create the look that’s right for you with ease. Just ask a trusted wedding florist like Todich Floral Design to put together the perfect summer flower look for you in the colours of the season.

Summer Garden Bouquets

Since the gardens are blooming this time of year, it makes sense to incorporate these seasonal summer flowers into a bouquet – especially for more rustic, boho look. The key to this look is for something beautiful but a little unwound and rough round the edges: as if you’ve just gathered your posy from the flowers in your garden. Roses, sweet peas, tulips and daisies are all perfect for this style. Either go for a multi-coloured style or more harmonious shades. To complete the summer garden look, tie your bride’s bouquet with twine, thick ribbon or hessian.

Wildflowers have become particularly popular for wedding flower table decorations – often displayed in mismatched jam jars, glasses and vases for a sweet and quirky feel. Mini-posies can also make delightful place settings – either tied with twine or ribbon to the napkins or arranged in mini glass jars.

Rainbow Wedding Flowers

In this season of joy and abundance, what better excuse to choose a festival or colours for wedding flower designs? Summer flowers are available in so many shades that a truly colourful, sumptuous bouquet can be created with ease.

Peonies and freesias are available in so many vibrant colours the bride can have a bouquet of her favourite colours from rich magenta and crimson to bright yellow and purple. While this look can be made either elegant and sophisticated or more rustic, a true boho rainbow flower arrangement can be created from summer wild flowers. Daffodils, miniature roses, cornflowers and daises can all make up a colourful but easy-going floral design. Add garden and woodland foliage like ferns, herbs or tree leaves to complete the look.

You could even choose a different coloured posy of tulips for your bridesmaids bouquet designs to create a rainbow look, and incorporate all the colours into your bridal bouquet! This can be tried with lots of other blooms – like gerberas or roses – giving each bridesmaid a different colour. Or choose the favourite colour from the bridal bouquet and make this into matching bridesmaid posies.

Romantic Summer Wedding Bouquets

Wedding florists are experts at creating beautiful, romantic bridal wedding flowers. This look is perfect for this season, when a fresh look and subtle shades will create the perfect feel for your summer wedding.

For romance, choose pastel shades and white flowers paired with subtle greenery such as eucalyptus and succulents if you like. The shapes are both decadent and fairy-tale and there are plenty of flowers like this to choose from for a summer bouquet.

Roses are always a great choice for wedding flowers, as they have long symbolise love and romance. Blushing peach and pale pink roses and peonies can be arranged to make a sumptuous bouquet. Freesias – ideal choices as they have a delightful fragrance – are also available in subtle shades of creamy yellow and mauve, and so pair beautifully with roses and the delicate flowers of hydrangeas.

In addition to the full and sumptuous flowers you choose, add texture and delight with clouds of baby’s breath and sprigs of greenery. Embellishments like ribbons, bows, pearls and gemstones will also add a touch of glamour and decadence to romantic arrangements and the look can be mirrored in table arrangements and bridesmaids bouquets to complete the them of your summer wedding flowers.

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