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Trending Weddings 2014/15: How to Match Your Floral Decorations to Your Dream Theme?

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

At Todich Floral Design, through wedding flowers and flower designs for all occasions, we consistently aim to demonstrate true elegance. We do this through natural grace, a blend of styles, and, above all, harmony between the different elements of our arrangements. Of course, it also comes down to using the freshest flowers—with colours, varied blossoms, fragrance, and style of wrapping and table placement. You may even discover that your flowers do more to transform your special, momentous day than the venue itself!


Now we’re going to delve into how to make sense of some the trickier, more nuanced details and underlying meanings of wedding flowers arrangements, especially for the upcoming 2015 season. So get ready to see what’s trending! This way you’ll be able to avoid any flower faux pas, and make sure you pull off your absolute dream wedding into a cohesive, well designed finish. The first stop on our list is that of vintage wedding flowers

Vintage Wedding Flowers

This type of classically styled, elegant wedding décor is still very popular. When you think of weddings with a vintage theme there is going to be lots of thin lace, pearls, feathers, brooches and ivied columns. Lavender and white table clothes are wonderful choices. Heritage rose are second to none when it comes to selecting vintage wedding flowers—popular colours and variants on shades are dusky pinks and sweet corals, eye-catching thulian, antique peach, and lavish almond. Green foliage, white (to complement the lace), and yellow are excellent ways to balance pink hues. Other types of blossoms apart from roses—but equally refined—are gerberas, carnations and peonies. Sweet Williams are also delightful!

Wedding flowers winter, rustic weddings ukwedding flowers rustic weddings uk

Rustic Wedding Flowers

A rustic wedding flowers the- me will be somewhat remini- scent of the vintage style. But the key difference is in that, while it remains somewhat nostalgic and unpolished, it’s very much bucolic. This emphasis on nature remains the biggest factor in rustic wedding flowers and similarly styled weddings, regardless of whether or not the ceremony is held in- or outdoors. The types of décor are often full of whimsy, delight and airiness. Think tulips and hyacinths, cascades and arrays of green ivy, spots of bright daises. Giant sunflowers are also a great way to mix up the dainty and more childish aspect of smaller and more delicate flowers, while losing none of the colour power, brightness or beauty. Tables spotted with French lavender or using succulents for any man’s boutonniere will make for a nice country chic look. For the ladies aiming for the rustic style, they can’t go wrong with flower headdresses or long stemmed flowers in bridal bouquets. Still need some rustic accents? Try a little burlap, twine or the muted flair of an aged ribbon.

Flamboyant Wedding Flowers

Flamboyance is all about making a scene. It’s grandiose, opulent, lavish in all aspects of wedding décor. In other words, it’s as far as you can get from the toned down luxury of the rustic and vintage styled weddings. Instead, this livened up wedding is likely to employ lots of contemporary centrepieces, slim glass vases, busy and exotic flower arrangements, and candles of varying height. True extravagance! Flower arrangements often use calla lilies, lush velvet roses, sensuous flowers such as anthuriums and flowers of paradise, orchids and blue roses. Flowers used around the base of these arrangements are better as ivory or white, to balance the colour array above. A few more affluent additions: any gold or brass ornaments, as well as rhinestones and crystals scattered across tables or draped over candelabra.

No matter what type of wedding and theme you prefer, remember that above all it’s harmony that matters. Colour, arrangement styles, personal tastes must blend together for a truly wonderful wedding. More than simple coordination, which only makes sure that nothing clashes, achieving true harmony amplifies the entire effect of your wedding décor. Just like the happy couple, it should be clear that every element is meant to be.

Winter wedding flowers UK 2Tall-Table-Arrangements-71_900

Want to know a little more about Todich Floral Design?

Todich Floral Design has more than 15 years of experience in providing superior quality wedding flowers in London. Skilled florists work with you personally, offering advice on wedding styles, wedding flower budgets, and wedding flower design. We also provide outstanding corporate flowers in London, catering to many local businesses interested in office decoration and positive workspace, as well as hotels and restaurants. Todich Floral Design offers a free installation service and one week free trial. If you’re looking for a wedding florist in London or an events florist in London, and just need a little more information, then contact us at 020 7737 1166 or visit the Todich Floral Design website.


Fuchsia, Aqua Turquoise, Orange, and Yellow: Bold and Beautiful with Todich Floral Design

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Summer is most definitely here. The sun is shining, the weather is hot and most people are celebrating; whether that is a summer wedding, college graduation, a milestone birthday party or even a sophisticated back garden event. Event flowers can add the finishing touch to any celebrated event. A finishing touch which will draw gasps of amazement by using some of the best event florist from Todich Floral Design and their event flower designs.

Even Flowers London - Purple Private Even Flowers London





We at Todich Floral Design can plan your private events, with the best events flowers designed to balance and compliment your occasions.  We can use the bold colours of summer, the aqua turquoises, oranges, fuchsia and yellows as part of your event floral design as accents, to make your event pop with character. Whilst at the same time ensuring that that your private event remains sophisticated and tasteful.

Last year the most on trend colour scheme for any celebration that had event flowers and an event flower design came from the pastel pallet. Ivories, peaches, coral and mint green were the go to colour of choice, when designing an event, especially for weddings. At Todich Floral Design and our event florist in London, we understand that trends change. The year 2014 is about being bold. The fuchsias, aqua turquoise, yellows and oranges are the counterparts to last year. The vibrant colours of summer are here and the best event florists know how to incorporate that into your special day. So don’t be scared, experiment and enjoy. If in doubt, we have some of the best event florist in London, whom has the ability to plan and design your private event within 48 hours if need be. Yes, we are that good!

By using Todich Floral Design, we can create the best floral designs to enhance and compliment your private events. Through our knowledge and understanding of colour, we know how to effectively use the colours of the event flowers we have, to elevate the design of a room, to be as ascetically pleasing as possible. Thereby creating a great atmosphere that personifies the brightness and fun of summer by using the following colours

PINKS- are very versatile. the use of the bold and beautiful pinks ;like fuchsia, magenta and hot pink gives new meaning to the idea of a ‘blushing bride’. Pink can be bold or soft. The very colour implies good luck and romance. Pink is not only dreamy but sophisticated.

AQUA TURQUOISE- its versatility means that it can add a touch of glamour. Turquoise is a colour that evokes ideas of the Caribbean. The soothing calm of the aqua turquoise water screams relaxation. The cheerfulness of the colour just screams picks me! Not to mention that turquoise is a colour rich in history, once the favoured colour of ancient civilisations such as a Mesoamerica.

ORANGE- as a colour is vibrant and bright. The idea of event flowers in this colour conveys passion, desire and enthusiasm. It conveys the fascination you have with your lived one. This colour is ideal as a rose because it acts a symbol for the bridge between friendship and love. They would also make great flowers as a gift to express how proud you are of your loved one.

YELLOW-is the classic symbol of cheerfulness. It is bright, bold and optimistic. It is a great compliment to lime. As a colour and part of an even floral design, this will lift spirits, expresses good cheer, along with a general wish for well being.

As a top LondonUK florist, who supports the local suppliers, by getting our private event flowers from new Covent Garden flower market, we know how demanding planning any event can be. Thus it is no coincidence that the popularity of bold colours this year is used for their soothing, calm and bright characteristics.

Floral designs are not there to detract from the occasion but to enhance it. Event flowers are used not only to create the best atmosphere possible, but also to brighten up a room. They are there to capture the romance of the mood, if it’s in the case of a wedding. Or they are used to celebrate and convey the joy and happiness that individuals are feeling.

Therefore contact us at Todich Floral Design and our event florist in London, can advice and help you in the planning of your event. If you are looking to move away from the traditional colours of ivories, creams, as well as the pastel of last year, we can help you. Let us, with our knowledgeable event florists; take the stress away from you, in trying to establish how to use the bold colours of this year into your event.

The following are some simple tips to help you on your way.

Tips on how to use bold flower colours in your event planning:

Bridal bouquet– roses come in all colours, therefore why not have combinations of cream and aqua turquoise event flower roses surrounded by green foliage, as your bouquet. Set against the white of the wedding dress, will bring brightness, whilst highlighting the beauty of the colours in the bouquet.

Table centre pieces– as the aqua turquoise colour is very bold, use it as the main attraction on the table. The event floral design that includes the turquoise colour makes the design into dramatic centre piece. While everything else on the table remain neutral and clean. The table is not over powered by the colour.

Table runners– using table runners in a bold colour of choice breaks up the monotony of having a base colour dominate the table. The table runners will add character, and interest.

Chairs– are some times forgotten in an event setting. Incorporate them into your event by adding touches of roses with the colour scheme of your choice, attached to the top corner of a chair, no bigger than a corsage, becomes a subtle way to add colour into your event, without going over board with the decorations.



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Lily of the Valley wedding flowers: tips and advice

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Lily of the Valley is a popular choice for spring wedding flowers and was made even more so following Kate Middleton’s choice of it for her bridal bouquet when she married Prince William on 29 April 2011. Its dainty, white, bell-shaped flowers and gorgeous scent, combined with its symbolic meanings (the return of happiness, purity of heart and sweetness) make it a sought after flower for spring bridal bouquets, but this, plus its short season, mean it is categorised as a ‘luxury bridal flower’, so it carries a premium price tag too.

London bridal florist Todich Floral Design gets lots of brides enquiring about full Lily of the Valley wedding bouquets, particularly following Will and Kate’s wedding a couple of years ago. But they are often shocked by the bridal flowers prices, which can easily run up to £300 for a full bouquet, or even higher when it’s out of season. Often, due to its small, fragile flowers, stems also need wiring, which is time-consuming and costly work, and sometimes it’s only available to buy in small quantities, which can make it hard for florists to guarantee.

So what can you do if you have your heart set on Lily of the Valley for your spring wedding flower bouquets? Here at wedding florist Todich Floral Design we have the following tips:

  • Unless you’re prepared to pay upwards of £150 for your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, consider bringing other spring wedding flowers in season in to the mix to pad out designs.
  • If it’s out of season or budget is a concern, look at similar, substitute flowers. Good spring wedding ideas that provide alternatives to Lily of the Valley include white hyacinths, campanula, bouvardia, stephanotis, muscari or snowdrops.
  • For those attracted to Lily of the Valley’s ability to bring a wonderful scent to their wedding flowers and bouquets, London florist Todich Floral Design recommends incorporating freesias and sweet peas too, to add more body and scent.
  • Consider just using it in your bouquets and/or wedding table centrepieces. Additional items like chair/pew-ends and entrance arrangements may only briefly be in view, and as Lily of the Valley is such a small, delicate flower, it may also get ‘lost’ in larger displays.
  • Find or hire a vase/vases which you can place your bouquet/s in after the ceremony. This way they can double up as displays for entrance or bar areas, your seating plan or cake table flowers, for example.
  • For all-white wedding flowers or bouquets, Lily of the Valley looks lovely combined with sweet william, hyacinth and murtle, which were the flowers in Kate Middleton’s bouquet.
  • To create a beautiful Lily of the Valley bridal bouquet with a bit of colour, combine with fluffy peonies, garden roses and sweet peas in cream and blush pink tones, or delicate delphiniums, campanula, hydrangea and lavender to bring in ‘something blue’, a huge trend for spring wedding flowers in 2014.

Finally, in case you’re wondering, below are the meanings of the flowers in Kate Middleton’s bouquet:

  • Lilly of the Valley: Return of happiness, purity of heart and sweetness
  • Sweet William: Gallantry, smile, finesse
  • Myrtle: Love (the stems were from a myrtle planted by Queen Victoria in 1845 are traditionally used in all royal wedding bouquets)
  • Hyacinth: Constancy of love

Do you want to discuss wedding flowers ideas? If so contact event florist and wedding specialist Todich Floral Design for a free consultation and quote, or browse and order bridal flowers online using our free wedding flowers budget planner.

You can also order professionally designed flowers online for same day London delivery through our online flower delivery shop.

2014 Bridal Fashion Trends

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

The wedding dress is such a key element of the bride’s big day and something many women have dreamed about since they were little girls. London florist Todich Floral Design specialises in creating bridal flowers and wedding flowers to complement all types of dress, from full, fairytale Princess styles, to classic gowns or fashionable modern designs. The range of wedding dresses to choose from is huge, and whether your style is traditional, retro or at fashion’s cutting edge, you will always have a ball when it comes to selecting something special for your wedding day.

Bride with purple bouquet

However, bridal fashion trends, like normal fashion trends, vary from year to year, presenting each year’s new brides with a sometimes bewildering choice, over and on top of the style they may have been dreaming about for years! But it’s always worth checking out what’s in vogue, as designers are experts in incorporating fashion trends in to classic designs so you don’t have to opt for something too far-out. When it comes to wedding flowers for London brides the same applies, and with expert input it’s easy to achieve your desired look and match the style of your bridal flowers to your dress and theme. At Todich Floral Design, we love helping brides create bridal bouquets and bridesmaids’ bouquets that perfectly complement both.

The 2014 bridal fashion trends shown on the catwalks this year illustrate this point well, and show that bringing your ideal dress up to date can be achieved in a few simple ways.

Dominant themes combined slightly more conservatism via higher and covered necklines, lace sleeves and detailed backs, but also a touch more casual too with loose, floaty layers, dainty flowing slips and empire lines. There was a move away from the plainer vintage styles of late with dazzling embellishments and beads and a strong art deco influence, and sexy became more girly with playful, shorter gowns.

Here are some key bridal trends wedding florist Todich Floral Design noted for 2014:

High necklines: these were really popular in 2013 and are set to be even more popular next year. Covering the neck area with sheer fabric or lace, or going for a halterneck style instead of strapless gives a nod to this bridal trend.

Sparkles and embellishments: bridal fashion for 2014 has started to move away from the plain, lace vintage trends of recent years and many collections featured lots of beading, sequins, embroidery and lace, as well as 3D flowers made of organza and silk.

Wedding Bouquets 111_resize

Lace sleeves: blame Kate Middleton if you will, but lace sleeves featured again heavily in 2014 bridal fashion shows so this trend shows no sign of slowing down. From short, sweet caps to elbow length and long, many designers included gowns with sleeves in their collections for next year.

Lots of layers: there was lots of layering on this year’s Spring/Summer runways, which included layers incorporated on the dresses themselves, but also additional layers to the bridal outfit such as tulle wraps and fur capelettes.

Short cut: another huge 2014 bridal fashion trend was rising hemlines on both full and straight skirts, which varied from above the knee, to more conservative on the knee and three quarter length designs.

Casual and cool: moving away from structured, rigid designs, these dresses are easy to wear, light, floaty and cool. Think dainty slips, thin straps and loose, flowing empire-line gowns.

Detailed backs: from open-back keyholes and beading, to contemporary and pleated trains, there was a strong focus on backs for 2014 as an additional way to add some wow factor to your dress.

Art deco: thanks to the Great Gatsby the art deco trend is firmly here, in bridal fashion as well as on the high street and for the home. The 1920s has truly taken over with its decadent detailing and elegant silhouettes.

Todich Floral Design is a London based floral stylist specialising in flowers for weddings and events. It has many years’ experience working on weddings both large and small, and has installed wedding flowers in some of London’s top wedding venues including The Painted Hall in Greenwich, Café Royal, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Dorchester Hotel, The National Portrait Gallery and many more. As a corporate florist, Todich Floral Design can also provide office flowers, event flowers and hotel flowers in London.

Contact the team today to discuss your flower requirements and request a quote.