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Spring Colours for Spring Weddings

Monday, March 28th, 2011



Spring is a blast of colour the sun and warmth brings out the brightest in just about everything even the grass is a brighter shade of green. If you are holding a spring wedding take some of your inspiration from the outdoors, at this time of year you do not need to hold back on colour.

This year’s most popular colours for spring weddings may seem a little held-back but they are actually just the back-drop to some brighter tones.
Just about every shade of pink is popular. If you are using a brighter shade of pink then it can take on the main role in the decoration scheme. But if a light or dusty pink is being used then bright colours, or deep green foliage can be used to set a contrast.

In just about every aspect of fashion greys have been popular since last fall. It is almost safe to say that grey is the new black! And this is no different for spring trends. It is probably best to stick to lighter shades of grey if you really want to stay current. This is another shade that goes well with just about any bright colour. Try combining it with shades of red, yellow or orange, for a truly fashion conscious look. For something a little more refined, purple and grey, have a cool beauty.

Finally, my favourite, purple! The lighter shades of purple are the most popular this season, and this tone of purple is a great backdrop for other light colours. Light pink, blue or yellow combined with purple will really set the spring mood of the wedding.

Trends do not necessarily have to dictate your wedding decoration scheme, they can simply serve as a source of inspiration. Whatever your ideas and dreams might Todich Floral Design has a team of experts available, who will help you bring your wedding ideas to life!