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Gypsophila – This year’s latest flower trend.

Gypsophila is back in fashion; The flower that was previously recognised as the staple filler flower from the 1980-‘s has now remerged into being one of the most popular choices of flowers in wedding venues and bridal bouquets today.

Gypsophila means pure of heart and innocence and is back with an impact, this dainty flowers has been used by modern florists and has created a real style statement, popular at wedding shows; this bloom is perfect for brides on a budget as they are a good value for money and brides can afford masses of it.

Gypsophila has a rough texture and tiny white flower heads which creates a natural, delicate look. The appearance of gypsophila means that brides have the versatility to use the flowers to stand alone or to incorporate them into a mixed bridal bouquet.

The cloud like flower is perfect for woodland styled weddings; gypsophila mixed with wild English garden flowers looks traditional and graceful in classic styled venues. These versatile blooms can look wonderful in pretty pastels colours when arranged into antique containers for a vintage fashioned feel.

The head florist at Todich floral design recommends combining gypsophila with a spring themed colour scheme, a dusky palette of faded pinks, purples and whites can look stunning and traditional.  We also recommend a mix and match of ceramic pots, porcelain containers and clear vases for effortless looking table displays; recycled jam-jars & vintage teacups can also look magnificent too.

The florists at Todich floral design always consider every aspect of a brides wedding, we make sure that the flowers match the whole style and theme of the event;  we even consider the shape of the bridal bouquet and aim to make sure that it matches the shape of the dress.

Gypsophila looks chic when made into a tight round posy.  Ivory illusions tulle strapless gowns look particularly stunning with this type of bouquets. Our head bridal consultant finds that we have a lot of brides wanting to achieve ‘The fairy tale’ wedding’, and are commonly inspired with arrangements including green leaves and tiny white buds; reminiscent of midsummer night’s dream, gypsophila is now always the blossom that is chosen.

The British Royal Wedding on April 29th 2011 saw Prince William and Kate Middleton marry as husband and wife in front of a huge worldwide audience. Kate Middleton was the soul interest for her choice of wedding dress and flowers. She however unknowingly set off a new style craze of delicate lace dresses and traditional white flower bouquets, Her classic green and white bouquet included delicate lily of the valley (meaning return of happiness), stems from a myrtle (emblem for love and marriage) and sweet William, ivy and hyacinths.

So if you want to go for an English country garden styled wedding on a budget, then choose a flower with a beautiful large head as the main flower, handpick daisies and ivy and fill with beautiful gypsophila, then you have inexpensive rural design which would look English, feminine and most of all elegant.

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