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The Painted Hall – June Wedding 2012






The floristry wedding season runs from as early as March all the way to September, the busiest months being, May, June and July, We have had many brides come forward to us over the years to design their flowers and this year was no exception.
This season we were contacted by a bride who asked us to design the flowers for her wedding day, her wedding was held at ‘The Painted Hall’ in ‘The Royal Navy College’ Greenwich. A popular venue which we have recently decorated for a wedding in May 2012, we were looking forward to creating completely different designs that were unique and fitting to this bride’s style.

The painted hall is often described as the ‘Finest Dining Hall in Europe’ it is a grand room with beautiful architecture and interior, The venues purpose was originally built for prestigious
dining, and formal occasions such as weddings and events, and this is exactly how the venue is used today.

Our head consultants and florists were aware of the colours and lighting of this spectacular venue and were able to easily consult the bride as to what flowers arrangements would be perfect to suit her wedding in the venue.

This brides wedding was to a much smaller scale to the previous wedding this year, instead of the grand scale wedding that filled the whole venue, This particular wedding hired a dining area set up at the front of the hall which looked upon the surroundings and looked quaint and was a perfect size for a small wedding.

The bride’s favourite flowers were roses and she requested that these were to be incorporated into the floral designs. Her bridal bouquet was in the design of a posy and was a mix of pure white roses, calla lilies and freesias, this simple all white bouquet was then finished with white satin ribbon and decorative pins. The bridesmaid’s bouquets were created with the same flowers but of a smaller version of the bridal bouquet.

Simple, stylish and chic were the main key words to this wedding, the grooms and guests buttonholes were in keeping with the style and the theme of the wedding, they each had a white that was mixed with a small amount of decorative foliage.

The top table arrangement was the key floral feature of the painted hall, the calla lilies and roses were designed to be in the style of a breath taking flower waterfall.  The flower stems beautifully flowed down the front of the table and was very eye catching, the arrangement was mixed with palm leaves and other glossy foliage. The idea for this arrangement came from a picture from a magazine cut out that the bride bought to us during her consultations.
The venue contained 1 large top table and 4 smaller long tables, The bride and groom requested that we create 8 arrangements to complete the look of the venue, Our florists made 2 vase arrangements filled with white hydrangeas, gerberas, lilies and peonies, and 6 small arrangement filled with the same flowers, the arrangements looked classy and chic for the wedding.

Finally the couple requested 4 very large pedestals to help complete the look of the room and to also have the wow factor when entering the wedding venue. We created 2 large and 2 very large designs which matched the colours and
flowers of the other arrangements and look stunning when stood at the entrance and at the top table.

The flower arrangements created for this wedding were simple and stylish, all white flowers gave a traditional and pure look which tied in with the colours and themes of the wedding. The bride and groom were very pleased with the final look and we were thrilled to design the flowers for a beautiful wedding.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

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The Brides Comments

‘Hi Todich and Iwona.

Just a quick post to say thanks for the lovely wedding flowers arrangements. All the flowers were gorgeous and complimented the day spectacularly and add to my fond memories of the day. Best of luck for the future :)’



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