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Todich Floral Design Creates Beautiful Rustic Window Displays

Create Rustic French Designs: That was the brief from a client for a new restaurant opening in Mayfair, to bring ‘green’ into the restaurant.   The Chef heading up the French Brassiere, originated from France and his whole ethos from the cuisine to the interior design of the restaurant, had to reflect this.

The restaurant had just installed beautiful rustic planters which framed the outside of the restaurant.  This was filled with established olive trees and lush green herbs and created huge impact.  It was clear from the outset that a seasonal flower design would not work and would not give the required effect.   After much discussion and site visits, the Head Designer, Laura Fisher discussed with the client how we could use old galvanised containers and fill then with beautiful seasonal herbs and flowers.  This would bring the ‘outside in’ to the restaurant and continue the rustic theme throughout the Brassiere; it was a way of bringing the green, from the outside planters into the restaurant to create a fresh and rustic feel.

The team love searching for old pieces to work with and after much searching the team found some beautiful containers which included a vintage bath and watering can.  We felt it was very important to use vintage items to give the installation an ‘aged worn effect’.  At Todich design we have a range of props which we are happy to hire to our clients to work with their floral designs.

The design team then worked with the Head Florist to ensure we created the correct look; we decided on seasonal herbs and plants which would be potted in the various aged items.  We used beautiful Hellabores for the old bath and finished the design with moss, the contrast of the white flowers up against the grey galvanised pot made the simple design striking and effective

The rustic ‘Tea Tree’ plants were planted in a selection of smaller containers and these were chosen because they have a very delicate white flower with thick foliage.

The design was installed in the window of the restaurant and this worked so well with the green from the outside planters.  From the top of the restaurant you can sit and look through and see the beautiful greens of the installation and the planters creating a feeling of ‘rustic’ France.  The theme was continued, by placing a number of smaller containers on high shelves which sit in the centre of the restaurant.


The design team will continue to work with the client, to ensure the installation is changed to fit with the seasons and events held within the restaurant.  The client was very happy with the installation and the designs fitted perfectly with the rustic ‘French’ style.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself for an upcoming event then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a free consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

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