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Todich Floral Design LTD – Finalist of Florist of the Year Award 2009!

Todich Floral Design LTD has been selected as a finalist for the annual Florist of the Year Awards! And here’s why…

Based in a warehouse in Camberwell, we offer designs to our customers for an incredible value for money. Being based in a warehouse means we have incredibly low over-heads. While some companies may pay from £60,000 – £100,000 per year in rent, we pay significantly less. And our savings translate into your savings.

Our passion for floristry has allowed us to truly push forwards and become an appreciated part of the florist industry in London. (our gift and flower delivery service) is the company that paved the way for all UK based internet florists today as the first automated same-day flower delivery replicating an offline shop in an online environment. Company founder and florist Todd Todic discovered a massive gap in the market in 2001 and utilized new technology to aid his quest of supplying flowers to London. Promoting solely in our early stages through SEO marketing, we were quickly one of the top search results for a large variety of keywords.

The beauty of our service lies in the absolute efficiency of our service. Mr. Todic developed a hi-tech web-solution to resolve the error of human mistakes that can be made with vast paper based orders whilst tackling the emerging issue of carbon reductions. This solution extends into our delivery software which optimizes drivers’ routes for the day. This, alongside keeping our vans serviced to mint condition, allows us to reduce our carbon emissions significantly whilst keeping optimum efficiency. This software also extends to our customer service, where customers can track their orders online and see exactly when the driver delivers their item, and if it was left with a neighbour, which neighbour it was left with.

Whilst we were delivering many bouquets and vase arrangements as gifts, Todd realised that this website wasn’t generating enough interest for weddings, events and corporate flowers. This was due to the fact didn’t match the target market of this audience. Mr. Todic then launched Todich Floral Design, a website designed to cater precisely for this audiences needs. Unlike, it does not do same day or next day gifts for the general public, only events; weddings; restaurants; hotels and corporate. This allows us to cater for both markets separately and successfully. We now have an extensive range of corporate clients and provide flowers for weddings and events on a regular basis!

We provide a valuable and efficient service to our customers at a fantastic value for money. We target our audience carefully to ensure our channels of communication are comfortable for our separate target markets. We consider the environment fully and utilize technology aptly to aid us in our service.

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