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Top Tips From Florists For Wedding Flowers

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers can be the most exciting part of planning a wedding – but also the most difficult! There are so many to choose from it can be a bewildering experience at first. But wedding florists like Todich Floral Design are on hand to help: they are experts in the field and know exactly how to create the perfect wedding floral displays to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. Read on for some top tips from florists to avoid mistakes when planning wedding flowers.

Wedding Florist Tips

It’s All About The Couple

Adeline Lawrence, Director and Event Manager from One & Together Events explains that “everyone’s vision of magical is different and so this is crucial to remember. If you keep this in mind and match this with the couple’s personality, the rest just falls into place. Getting the couple vision of magical is essential and this will help decide a number of other choices such as colour scheme, lighting, getting the right atmosphere and of course the flowers.”

Laura Dean from Hatton & Co Wedding Stationery, says: “Never underestimate the power of the bridal bouquet! Cutting costs on a wedding is sometimes unavoidable, but when it comes to the bridal bouquet, try to give as much wiggle room as possible. This floral design is going to be on every one of the photos that will sit on your fireplace, your parent’s fireplace or even your bedside table. This’ll last for years and it’s probably one of the photos that your children and their children will keep in the family forever.”

Come Along With Ideas for the Wedding Florist 

Every wedding florist wants to create the perfect floral look for the happy couple, so its useful to bring clear ideas to help guide them. Some couples have favourite flowers, or flowers that have a special meaning. Think about colours, too, and be sure to tell florists what colour the bride’s gown and bridesmaid’s dresses will be. Mood boards are also a great way to get the creative juices flowing and give the wedding florist a clear idea of the desired look and theme.

Budget is Key 

Flowers are an important element to most weddings and can make a beautiful occasion truly memorable. They typically cost about 10% of every wedding budget, but some brides make the mistake of forgetting to factor this in until the last minute. It’s important to discuss budget with the wedding florist as early as possible so they can tailor the types and flowers and designs to meet the cost. If flowers are particularly important, be sure to be realistic about the cost and the type of flowers that can be bought within the budget.

Let the Venue Lead the Way

For outdoor weddings and those framed by parks or gardens, flowers could be kept to a minimum. If a garden has particular flowers, these could be reflected in the centrepieces and place settings on tables – think wildflowers for informal venues like a park or field, and roses or orchids in more formal settings. The shape of the tables will also inform the style and shape of table arrangements and other floral decorations.

Think About What’s in Season 

Flowers bloom at different times of year, so it’s important to consider what’s in season at the time of the big day. Seasonal wedding flowers will be cheaper and easier to source, and can also be a more environmentally friendly option. If a particular bloom is proving a challenge to track down, consider using a look-a-like flower. For example, ranunculus can serve as an alternative to peonies or roses while hydrangeas can be used as substitutes for sweet peas.

Leave Plenty of Time to Order

Flowers are likely to be flown in from around the world – as far as South Africa and South America. This means that it’s important to give the wedding florist plenty of time to put in order to ensure they are at the best price and avoiding any disappointment.

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