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Dazzling Ways to Wear Flowers this Summer

It’s that time of year when calendars are booked with hen dos and weddings and the glorious weather brings on impromptu garden parties, barbeques and picnics in the park. Wedding flowers of choice this season are often full of colour – such as sumptuous roses, vibrant sunflowers or wildflowers grown especially for the occasion. But flowers aren’t just for display: this summer they’re on clothes, in hair, even painted onto skin! There are many ways to wear flowers for an occasions, whether it’s a relaxed music festival or a classy look for a wedding. A flower crown can really soften a punky outfit, while a floral temporary tattoo creates a truly unique look. Here’s some wearable flower design inspiration to suit any occasion.


Hippy hairstyles. One of the most romantic and bohemian ways to wear flowers this summer is in your hair. Flower crowns are ever popular at festivals, and make beautiful wedding flower looks for brides, bridesmaids or guests. This bold look hearkens back to 70s flower power and is loved by celebrities like Lana del Ray. Crowns can be made of fabric flower and bought ready made, or London florists can create the perfect look. Bridal headdresses can be made to any specifications – whether a ring of blooms or flowers attached to combs for a more subtle style. The wedding flowers for hair can also match corsages and buttonholes, and the bridal bouquet.

Favourite choices are roses and peonies, especially for weddings, but many flowers can be woven together using floral wire to create flower crowns and headdresses. The look can be bold or subtle with a more delicate flower like baby’s breath. Smaller blooms like daises and miniature roses can be woven into the hair, or of course a classic daisy chain makes an instant nostalgic, pretty look for summer. Add a single bloom like an orchid or rose to an up-do, like a bun or chignon, for a subtle and stylish event flower look. They can also be woven into braids or added to a scarf or head wrap.

Bracelets and corsages. Looking for a less bold look? A floral bracelet could be just the ticket. To DIY one, all that’s needed is floral tape and floral wire, ribbon and scissors – and of course, the flowers of choice. Ranuculus are great choices as they’re colourful, small and sturdy – but more delicate blooms could be used instead. A floral bracelet could be lovely for the brides flowers at a wedding – either matching the bouquet or instead of one. Bridesmaids could also wear matching flower bracelets. But the look can equally be very casual depending on the flowers used, and is sure to be a talking point that brightens up any outfit.

Wedding corsages, traditionally worn by the bridal party and matching the brides bouquet, can be worn on the wrist. Romantic looks made of roses and orchids (perhaps with a sprig of greenery) are popular, but tropical flowers or solely greenery are unique alternatives. A bright pink orchid corsage is perfect for a summer wedding, and can be incorporated into white blooms in the bouquets. And a corsage doesn’t have to be subtle: while some will opt for a single bloom and sprig of greenery, a wedding florist can create much more extravagant looks if desired such as long cascades. These could be worn to a wedding – or a very fancy prom!

Make a pressed flower pendant necklace, or a fresh flower chain in a similar way to the flower bracelet. Sturdy stemmed flowers like roses can be sewn together, or a piece of cardboard can be used as the base and flowers, foliage (even moss, succulents and feathers) glued to it to make an amazing statement necklace – that could also be used as a corsage or head piece.

Tattoos. Tattoos are very popular at the moment, and any quick perusal of Pinterest will bring up hundreds of beautiful natural and floral designs. Intricate black and white designs and colourful choices are all popular, and for permanent designs the meaning, as well as the look, may be very important. But if the idea of permanence (and the pain!) is too much, then temporary tattoos could be a great option. No longer just for kids, there are many talent designers creating exquisite temporary tattoo designs inspired by flowers such as daisy chains and Victorian-style floral paintings. Beyonce is a big fan of temporary tattoos – especially metallic styles that are perfect when matched with bikinis or floaty floral dresses. Choose the perfect summer flower design from quirky shops and online marketplaces like Etsy.

Floral fashion. Floral prints are big this summer – from wildflower designs to tropical looks, this summer fashion staple is so versatile. Couture looks were particularly inspired by flower design and nature this season. Chanel’s catwalk displayed a garden party inspiration, Armani showcased bamboo prints and at Dior the look was used on extravagant ball gowns for glamorous, red-carpet styles. Flower patterns can make for a stylish outfit to wear to a wedding, a relaxed dress for the daytime or a poolside statement look. This look appears on everything from the high street to high end this summer including shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers. Even wedding dresses can feature flower patterns!

Jewellery designers have long been inspired by the fragile beauty of flowers –Vogues jewellery editor even released a book about it last year – and this summer is no exception. Floral inspiration can be found in rings, earrings and necklaces in both coloured and simple silver and gold designs. What better way to get into the spirit of summer?

There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to creating wearable flower designs, and London flower shops can help with choosing the best blooms and even creating special looks. Although they won’t last long, there’s something romantic about their fleeting nature and there’s no doubt that the colour, delicacy and vibrancy of real wearable flowers can’t be matched.

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