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Top Flower Fashions in 2017: What Makes Florist of the Year?

Love flowers? Excited for the holidays and this winter wedding season? So are we! Flower fashions, decor and wedding features were even more exciting this year, in 2017, after our English Wedding Award nomination and winning Florist of the Year. We at Todich Floral Design are proud to display some of our winning wedding design ideas, in addition stunning florals finding their way into hotel lobbies, restaurants and window displays

Wedding Venues in London: Reception Flowers and Ceremony Flowers

What sort of floral designs do you choose for you wedding ceremony? And afterward (once you are officially wed!), how do you greet your guests and create the perfect atmosphere? Whether you decide on a wedding theme that says opulence, chic, modern, or something that is a bit more subdued and natural in the way of flower arrangements, you can piece together perfection blossom by blossom or by beginning with colour palettes, wedding themes, or textures you feel strongly about.

Hotel Lobby Flowers for the Holidays

Being Florist of the Year and winner of the English Wedding Awards 2017, Todich Floral Design extends its expertise and wedding flowers focus to hotel lobbies and holiday flower arrangements as well.

Specialising in large lobby arrangements and tall floral displays, our expert florists have been able to fill luxuriant spaces with flowers and decorate for the holidays, working with some of London’s best hotels from the elegant and boutique to the most lavish, large commercial names in the hospitality industry.

White orchids for added elegance, peonies, chrysanthemums, crystal and glass vases, table arrangements and floral displays that incorporate branches and greenery, they are all designed to elevate the natural allure and set apart your space as something special and inviting for guests.

Restaurant Flowers that Say it All–Create a Genuine Atmosphere

What kinds of flowers make a statement about your restaurant or cocktail bar? More importantly, are your restaurant flowers saying what you want them to? Our events florists combine an expertise in event planning, seasonal flowers knowledge and design ideas. This is true for all clients, whether it is special events flowers, bartop flower decorations or the subtle touches that blossoms lend to the wedding reception itself.

Orchid arrangements are simple yet elegant. Their sensual shape and connotation are able equally to set an atmosphere of allure for fine dining, receptions, and guests seeking romance, or, in crisp white flower displays, they can offer a clean, bright finish for your venue and restaurant.

Creating the Perfect Floral Window Display

The perfect floral window display balances big, beautiful blossoms and captivating flower fashions without distracting from the main feature–the fashion, the furniture, your product concept and brand, and of course the decor and a glimpse at the interior to peak the potentially customer’s curiosity…

Branches, cascades of draped greenery and other lush to dark green foliage are a number of beautiful ways to frame any window display. With this floral abundance, create a scene to be both observed, absorbed and fully enjoyed.

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