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Fantastic Ceremony, Wedding Flowers, A Stunning London Bride & Surreal Historic Landscape at Syon House

Over 400 years of history and art, designer wedding decor and grandeur awaited bride and groom. The stunningly elegant and historic estate at Syon House offered the bucolic escape and romance of a country home, the perfect backdrop for their early spring wedding flowers, and an ideal environment for guests to stroll, dance, celebrate and appreciate the rich and venerable grounds that have been host to Kings and Queens, Grand Dukes and Duchesses, and many other distinguished party-goers throughout the centuries. What better way to honour your love and celebrate your wedding day?


The couple picked Syon House as their wedding venue because of its classic interiors, surrounding park, exquisite gardens, and distinguished space for their wedding ceremony space. They requested designer wedding flowers London flower markets could provide and locally sourced.

As the ceremony commenced, the sun had already begun to dip in the sky, though the bride and grooms’ smiles were easy to see. The bride’s dress was an immaculate white, the bouquet for the bride and bridesmaid flowers stood out brightly, full of colour, and the wedding party stood fashionably dressed, in wedding corsages and floral buttonholes, to either side. They watched on as the bride made her way up the aisle.

After the ceremony, it was then just a short walk to the lavish, wedding flower bedecked halls for what turned out to be a stunningly majestic reception. (It is also worth noting that Syon, with its elegant country feel, is not at all far from the London’s centre.)

The bride and groom chose several classic wedding props for the ceremony and complements to their wedding reception decorations. Mirrored plinths glinted, catching the last rays of sunlight that passed through white gallery framed windows. Classic statues and busts added to the regal atmosphere. Large clear vases contained candles mixed with rose petals, and clear cylindrical vases with lit candles were displayed along the aisle, trailing cascades of foliage, scattered flower petals and blossoms.  

For her bridal bouquet and bridesmaid flowers, the bride chose among Sarah Bernhard pink peonies, Red Naomi roses, Jasmine, White Ranunculus, Pale Pink Duchess roses, White Sweet Williams, White Avalanche roses and an assortment of foliage. What a treat indeed. Wedding centrepieces took inspiration and borrowed from this same flower selection, always a good idea if you have a specific wedding flowers budget, as most couples do (our London florists and wedding flowers budget planner worked closely to match palettes and complementary blossoms).

Wedding centrepieces incorporated pink wedding flowers, as well as vibrant coral wedding flowers–popular in spring–and they trailed soft ruscus, viburnum, parvifolia and hedera. These blended beautifully with the ambiance and wedding flowers designs at the dinner reception, where our London wedding florists had created and positioned the low cylindrical vases, containing candles, so that they appeared to float and glow within.

From the outset we knew it would be a wonderful, special wedding at a special venue. Still, the fine weather, unparallelled scenery, a gorgeous bride and effortless grace–as she danced across the room with her new husband–was no less delightful.

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