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Going To Winter Wonderland: Transform Your Wedding Or Event!  

There is a magical winter wonderland out there, waiting to be discovered. You just need to bundle up, go out and seek it for yourself. Or maybe you want to bring the best parts of nature and the wintry outdoors inside, instead: for you and your guests, your family and friends or coworkers to enjoy!

Be it a private event, party, or even a wedding, Todich Floral Design has some fabulous tips for creating your own winter wonderland and winter themed flower arrangements:


Winter Branches and Wild Flowers

Silver brunia, tallow-berry branches, olive branches, cotton sprigs

For a natural forest and snow-kissed vibe, introduce tallow-berry branches, cotton sprigs and olive branches to any number of flower arrangements. Add brunia berries for an especially frosty effect. These adorable little berries are like tiny pearls or Christmas ornaments, round and silvery grey.

Fresh Greenery For A Naturally Rustic and Fey Feel

Maindenhair fern, camellia leaves, smilax and jasmine vines

Part of the magic and splendor of winter are the flashes of color we see against a white snowy landscape, or the yellow lamplight and brilliant stars that sparkle for us as they stand out against an early dusk, and so illuminating the night.

Add a splash of green and white to your winter bouquets. Wavy leaflets of maidenhair fern, glossy green and almond-shaped camellia leaves, smilax with their clusters of burnished bright red berries, and jasmine vines sporting white flowers and exotic fragrance. Creating a magical ambiance, based in nature, akin to fairyland, that is playful and alluring, requires a careful balance.

Also consider a blue bouquet approach, adding blue, light purple and green flowers to your arrangements.


Moonlight Moments_resize wedding bouquet wedding florist london bridal flowers

Winter Fruits And Berries Filling Your Flower Arrangements

Ornamental blackberries, pepperberries, holly berries, kumquats and persimmons

Seasonal fruits and berries, some edible and some not, are a fun way to bring something unique to your flower arrangements, especially if you are striving to create the backdrop and ambiance of your very own winter wonderland. Whether it is a bouquet you want to send as a gift to someone special, or a part of your own wedding flowers and decorations, you can deliver a sprinkling of truly delightful winter magic.

Blackberries, pepperberries and sprigs of holly introduce a dash of colour and festive spirit to your bouquet. Kumquats and persimmons in your holiday flower gifts provide them with a tad-bit of sweetness!

calla lilies white wedding flowers white wedding bouquets winter wedding flowers calla lily roses white wedding flowers white wedding bouquets winter wedding flowers

Stimulate The Full Array of Senses

Rosemary, Lavender, Mint, Pine and Cedar…and Feathers, too

No wonderland experience is complete without a full array of sensory stimulation. Now that you have taken care of sight and taste, combine spices, herbs and other accouterments to cover smell and touch.

Let feathers tickle the senses! And rosemary, lavender and mint leaves each lend their own unique, sharp and naturally distinct smells to bouquets and flower decorations. Pine needles and cedar bark carry a fresh, clean woodsy odor that will carry and fill your event, venue or reception hall—all throughout the evening.

 Snow Queen FIN Flower Bouquet Winter Wedding

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