Feeling Inspired: Christian Wedding Symbols and Their Meanings


Another wedding traditions that has carried over since the times of the Greeks and Romans is the bridal veil. And the wedding ring itself, a symbol of unity and the infinite--a feeling that often comes over us when we are struck by something so beautiful, so inspiring, as a gorgeous bridal bouquet or a centrepiece of wedding flowers.

Meanwhile, the throwing of rice was intended to wish future health, wealth and a large family upon the bride and groom (the tradition stemming all the way back to early Eastern cultures). Prosperity and abundance are also a common theme or concept among Christian wedding ceremony ideas. Profusion of blossoms, alter flowers, intricately woven garlands, chair decorations, pew flowers and arrangements to decorate the archways and entrance to the church are a way to tastefully and fully embody the pure joy and sense of fortune on your wedding day.

And finally, what about throwing the bouquet? Tossing the bridal bouquet is actually a newer custom in the realm of traditional Christian wedding ceremonies. But one we certainly intend to keep!

Christian Wedding Theme Colours

Just as certain flowers and traditions have essential symbolic meanings, so do the colours themselves that you choose for your wedding theme. Christian wedding theme colours have a long history. There used to be lots of old lore, tales and rhymes about which colours had what meanings.

With this special knowledge you would be able to get a glimpse of how your marriage would look in the future. White, of course, was symbolic of virginal purity, sweetness and the innocence of life. Pink meant your lover will dote on you often. Blue as a wedding colour in the gown or bridal bouquet was for a love that would endure through all the changes in life and various phases of marriage.

Wedding Tradition Meets Superior Event Flower Design

As specialists in event flower design, Todich Floral Design is able to match colour, theme and venue for the ultimate in wedding reception styling. You might decide on a country style wedding, with a cascading and loosely draped artistic bridal flowers, decor wise paired with tawny gold, teak woods, white tallow candles, silver and and table crystal for a dash of Boho chic. A more romantic rural wedding, or contemporary royal inspired wedding, can play up Christian wedding theme colours like red, blush, ivory, lavender and purple.

Another part of Todich Floral Designs’ wedding decoration service in London is also to help couples from the very beginning, the moment you walk into the door. That means a free consultation, wedding planning, figuring out wedding flowers cost, advice on decor and wedding centrepieces, and decisions about florals and Christian wedding theme colours that contain both traditional and deeply held personal meaning to both you and your partner.

Our florists and designers are experienced in a wide variety of wedding arrangement styles and specific wedding venue designs. In addition to Christian wedding theme ideas, we work with couples seeking flowers for Muslim weddings, Jewish wedding flowers, Sikh wedding flowers, traditional Japanese wedding flowers, and more. As we get to know you, your preferences and background, what matters to you and the values you and your partner share, we incorporate everything into the design process, creation and styling of your wedding decor. 

Stylish Decor and Floral Designs at a Wedding Flowers Cost You Can Afford

Naturally, too, wedding flowers cost is a question that many couples have regardless of age, background and cultural traditions. Our wedding florist’s blog goes into the details of stem counts, strategic buying, buy wedding flowers in season, and how to buy wedding flowers on a budget for couples who wish to save or at least be price conscious while not sacrificing the beauty and glamour of the day--and the beautiful, cherished memories!. Because of course they will be shared together, with friends and family, and looked back fondly upon for many years to come.