Office Flowers London and Plants

Office flower arrangements and green plant displays add a whole new dimension to your corporate enviroment. Find out how office flowers and plants for your workspace can have a positive effect on your business.

A breath of Fresh Air for your office space with Todich Floral Design.

At Todich Floral Design, our office florists understand that it is not only practical to have office plants and office flowers but also on trend. We recognise that as our working and social environments become ever busier, we need pockets of greenery, to balance and de-stress us. By using our office arrangement London services, we can design the perfect green area, which will allow your employees, to take, deep claming breaths of air, to re-focus their energy into increasing productivity.

By using our office plants London services, Todich floral designs can ensure that your office space will be enriched and pleasing to the eye. From the moment you enter the building you will experience the effect of having office plants or office flowers in your work environment. Our office florist in London can design the space that will see you enjoy the benefits of having some of the outdoors indoors, with the natural affects of office flowers and office plants. A great plant that is on trend that has great benefits for the office is the Peony flower. With its delicate image and small red buds, this office flower represents joy and optimism. As well as those qualities the peony flower is great for emitting positive energy that will hopefully boost your employee productivity. Studies have shown that more businesses benefit from having office plants and office flowers within the work environment. As office flowers and office plants act as mood enhancers. This allows for the possibility of a creative atmosphere, especially when the economy is fluctuating, unemployment is on the rise and individuals are uncertain about the future.

By incorporating some of the natural elements of the outdoors into your office space, with office plants in London, we at Todich Floral Design and our office florist will be creating an atmosphere that breaths productivity and fresh air. The smell of the outdoors and the ability to perhaps take a breath of fresh air means that employees can stop, think and listen not only to themselves but to others.

Office Plants and their benefits

At Todich Floral Design we know that office plants and office flowers bring colour, character and brightness to any indoor space. Additionally office flowers can also reduce everyday stresses of the working environment, along with the following benefits:

Office Plants & Oxygen- plants can soak up the carbon dioxide in the air while releasing the oxygen that we need to survive. Without the necessary oxygen being provided in our office space, the brain can become sluggish, which leads to a drop in productivity. By having plants emitting fresh oxygen instead of recycled air, productivity can be greatly increased.

Office Plants & Clean Air- plants are useful tools to help reduce some of the air pollution generated in the office. Plants breakdown harmful chemicals in the air into organic by-products that they can use as food in their soil. As a result cleaning the air in the office of dust pollution.

Office Plants & Stress Reduction- the colour green is a very soothing colour and very prevalent in the natural world. Therefore it is very natural to feel at ease when we are surrounded by green plants, or a designated green space. Tension and stress along with some of the causes of headaches and fatigue are reduced.

Plants & Noise Reduction- through the use of strategically placed plants in corners or around a work place, or f noise pollution can be reduced through the absorption of sound by plants.

Plants & Beauty- plants can dramatically change the view or landscape of a work building or office space. They can highlight the attractiveness of any building or work space, as well as seeming to brighten the atmosphere.

Office Plants & Atmosphere- having plants or flowers in your office or home environment creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Plants & Creativity- having plants can stimulate your brain, when can lead to more creativity, as you are concentrating more whilst being inspired.

Office Plants & Money- plants as an added bonus may help the business to reduce cost and expenditures. Some plants release moisture that creates the perfect humid environment for employees to function. This means there is less impact on the structure of the building. If humidity is too low materials may crack and become damaged or if too high condensation can form to structurally affect windows and doors.

It is very clear that we reap the benefits of having office plants and flowers within our working and living space. However as we all need a little help, as we are often not sure where to begin. When introducing plants and flowers indoors; Todich Floral Design is here to help. As an award winning floral design company, we can advice you, and asses the space available- whether it be a traditional office in a corporate setting, or a home office-, with the best plants and flowers available that will give you the most aesthetically pleasing design. We will also advise you on how much or little attention and care that your indoor plants will need, so that you will gain the most benefits from the plants surrounding you.

Therefore contact us at office florists Todich Floral Design and we can consult and advise you on the best office plants and office flowers to engineer, the best productive environment. To help you create a welcoming, productive and bright environment that is also very pleasing to the eye. We know how to use one of nature’s most natural tools to its best advantage.