Want Your Company Party to Scream Success? See How Events Flowers Help You

The event for Ripple at Searcys The Gherkin had a special appeal: a congruence of technology, architecture and spectacular floral design. Ripple is the San Francisco based company for financial technology and banking solutions, and in May 2016 they hosted a party on the top floor of London’s iconic and prestigious tower for the opening of their brand new office location in Canary Wharf. At Todich Floral Design, we were delighted to apply our expertise in events flowers, and more specifically corporate flowers, for the success of what turned out to be a stunning evening enjoyed by all.

Want to see the magic behind the designs? Or the incredible creativity, thought and careful planning that went into Ripple’s London welcome and grand opening event? Premier flowers for events are our specialty. The evening was memorable to say the least—for Ripple’s partners and colleagues, and of course us, too, at Todich Floral Design! We relish the opportunity to craft your unique event. Here’s a taste of how we do it.

Unforgettable Events Flowers: Iconic Venues and Striking Design

First off, we were so excited to work with Fidan, our main contact at Ripple. When he contacted Todich Floral Design and told us what kind of company Ripple was, and how they were going through some incredible expansion, so that there was going to be an office opening party, we were already full of ideas for the perfectly tasteful yet stylish events flowers. Then we found out that the evening event wasn’t going to be hosted in just any old corporate space or restaurant or banquet hall, but Searcys in The Gherkin—and we were ecstatic!



A Cross of Elegance and Simplicity

The glass dome at the very peak of The Gherkin Searcys tower was in our minds as we helped Ripple design a theme and floral design that would be conducive to the venue’s color scheme and layout. Even at the early stages of planning, the flowers for your event need to take location, time of day, season, and the event’s purpose into account for an elevated sense of harmony.

So, we definitely didn’t want to end up clashing with such a sleek, elegant space. Instead, we decided to go with creating arrangements that would enhance the space and layer onto to the existing ambiance, working with it. But we had to be especially careful, too, because neither did we want to compete for the attention of all their guests. If you have ever been to or heard of The Gherkin (and if you haven’t, you should certainly visit!), you’ll know that the top two floors of the building have some of the most spectacular city views London has to offer. Ripple had reserved the very top floor of the tower, at that, so there really was at lot riding on the evening. And we were up to the challenge!
After going through the consultation process, listening to and exchanging decoration ideas, then reviewing the general brief and budget that our client was working with, we opted to create a bridge between pure elegance and simpler designs. We thought a touch of chic and sense of luxury in all of the event flower arrangements would elicit the right sort of mood—a sense of class and excitement over the importance of the evening, a nod to technology and progress, and all without becoming overly flashy, gaudy or overpowering in nature. 

There were flower arrangements placed at all junctures. We positioned different floral installations at points along the bar, at doorways and in entrances, and included a special entrance display by the lift. All around the room we’d gone ahead and contrasted low vases on the poseur tables and reserved tall vases for the bar area and entrance ways.

The general color scheme for the evening was almost entirely white flowers with touches of blue flower accents. Some of the arrangements included peonies, hydrangeas, Delphinium, hyacinths, tulips and Phalaenopsis orchids—also known as “Moth orchids” for their elegantly alluring petal shape that is reminiscent of a moth’s lightly fluttering wings. Another type of orchid that we incorporated into similar and shared arrangements was the Dendrobium orchid, with smaller petals and a sharper, wilder appeal. Excellent for contrast and a sense of “movement” or flourish. Then, in order to round out and soften each display, we placed an assortment of long-stem grasses and contorted twigs poking in and around the brightly colored blossoms.



Event Flower Design in Action 

On the day of the event, early in the afternoon, our team of skilled event decorators and special events florists arrived early at the tower in order to set up and ensure proper installation. With various custom bouquets and events flowers designed specifically for unique clients and particular venue layouts, you need to offer ample time to work with in-house staff and communicate with clients or make adjustments that might be required.

The window glass at the very top of The Gherkin is designed in triangle-shaped panes, perfect for observing the expanse of the London skyline and the beautiful city below, small and stretched and brightly lit. As the sun began to set, the clouds around us shifted from white to grey, then lavender and finally a dark purple. It was amazing how the backdrop of night sky now perfectly matched the décor and color scheme inside! London began to glow. For an added allure and sophisticated ambiance we decorated the bar top and surrounding tables with candles that shed a low, soft light.

Everything went smoothly, enjoyably—exactly as we had hoped and anticipated. Ripple was extremely happy with the decorations and flower arrangements that filled the space. Their guests had a fantastic evening! And of course we were happy and immensely pleased by our client’s satisfaction and the overall success of the event.



Are you in need of flowers for events? If you’re planning an elegant company event, an opening, a corporate dinner or holiday party—even special life events, like birthdays and anniversaries—we would love to help you make it most memorable and special, for you and all of your guests. Contact event florist Todich Floral Design for a free consultation today!