Dream Wedding: Roses, Eucalyptus and Candle Light Down the Aisle

Your dream wedding is within reach—roses, eucalyptus and candle lit matrimony by Premier London florist and wedding flowers expert Todich Floral Design: the wedding florist plans, designs, and arranges absolutely stunning bridal bouquets, table runners and vases, gorgeous profusion of blossoms, and more! You’ll be walking down the aisle before you know it. Make your day your own!

Discover floral designs that are just right for your chosen venue and location, no matter where you’ve decided to come together. Match to perfection the image of your special day, in every detail.

Is your wedding in the planning stages? Or perhaps the date is fast approaching and you could use some expert assistance? Here you will find everything you need, wedding décor ideas, decorations and themes. And of course our skilled team of florists and designers ready to guide you through the process, the excitement, and many gorgeous variations of different flower arrangements.

Modern Style, Timeless Appeal

Bride and groom Shezre and David were married just this last March, on Bond street, at the exquisitely elegant five-star Westbury Hotel in Mayfair. We at Todich Floral Design had the honor and pleasure of helping them seamlessly enjoy and commemorate their day in the hotel’s Mount Vernon room and Gallery.

The Westbury Hotel is known for both its modern style and the sense of timelessness; it fills the atmosphere of the reception space and rooms within. You could say it really is the perfect place for celebrations and wedding receptions, as well as a pleasure to plan for: with oak-paneled floors, low chandeliers, gold and cream-hued wallpaper, and space enough for either table arrangements or banquet style seating, we were happy to begin planning Shezre and David’s wedding day.

If you are in search of simple yet elegant floral art, expertly designed and carefully arranged wedding flowers, then Todich Floral Design can help you plan and make the big decisions that will surely bring your perfect wedding to life, just as you have imagined it! Delighting enthusiastic guests and enthralled, proud family members, we use the utmost care and craft and all of our years of expertise. Taking into account your unique sensibility, wishes and suggestions, we unleash our creativity to provide a truly unique, memorable and special day.

Bringing the wedding of her dreams to life, the bride was so happy! She could hardly believe it—this imagined day made real! What she had wished for was so suddenly brought to life, in all its beauty, joy and excitement. It was such a wonderful way to start her new life together with her husband. The bride herself was gorgeous—mesmerizing—and the groom, of course, could not look away. And neither could we!



What’s In A Bridal Bouquet? A Rose?

Your bridal bouquet can be a magnificent piece of fine art. That’s how we see it, as Todich Floral Design creates a lovely flower arrangement for you to carry walking down the aisle. Through consultation, conversation and guidance, we help you envision the different blossom types, colors, and what the arrangement will be once every bloom is placed and tied.

For Shezre’s special day, her bridal bouquet was a delicate, lavish abundance of Red Naomi roses, Sweet Avalanche roses, Red Skimmia and Eucalyptus. A palette of blush pinks and deep reds, rich greens from Eucalyptus leaves, contrasted nicely with the subdued, softer lighting and the beautiful cream and white surrounds of the Mount Vernon room and Gallery. Red Skimmia is another attractive flowering shrub that we love working with. Many branches sprout and end in evergreen leaves and mounded clusters of creamy white flowers, and, in some cases, ornamental fruits!

And the rose definitely had a special part to play. Not just in the striking visual appeal and its textural aspects, incorporated into many of the arrangements for Shezre and David’s special day; but the classical connotations of the rose—true love, unrelenting passion, fiery in shape yet reserved in some senses—these aspects came together in each arrangement, coalesced to provide the happy couple and their loved ones with an ideal wedding atmosphere. Everyone present couldn’t help but feel the warmth, gratitude and love that spread throughout the room.



Classic Ceremony With A Twist

The ceremony was extravagant in every sense: a balance of colours complementary to the bridal bouquet; a bit of the surreal; and the sweet angelic touches which Todich Floral Design helped create through white draped chairs, flickering candles light running the length of the whole aisle, as well as rose petals scattered about the aisle.

Other ceremony designs included a continuation on the theme of white and pink flowers—hydrangeas, more roses, airy “baby’s breath” gyposphila, and dainty spray roses. Red rose petals sprinkled in hurricane vases with white candles were another bright, romantic piece of floral décor dotting the space. During the fabulous wedding breakfast, lively table flowers arrangements were displayed in the three cubed vases: bursts of orange and red roses, green viburnum, then bunches of berries vibrantly tucked and peeking between petals and blossoms.



Between the ceremony and the reception area appeared tall, classic entrance designs. Portrayed as a floral dome, red roses and carnations were displayed on a tall clear vase filled with contorted willow. It was simultaneously a striking and welcoming design. Guests and those members of the bridal party would pass and appreciate this incredible piece. And from there could be seen congregating around poseur table flowers. Artfully arranged in vases, these smaller yet equally poignant red rose domes had been created around and above contorted willow. This achieved a flourishing and “profusion” effect. As the glass vases glittered, the whole arrangement caught and played with the candlelight.

Of course every wedding is different—they’re as unique as the couples that come to us eager and excited for the moment they get to say "I do". For Todich Floral Design, there is really no greater pleasure than helping you realize the dream of your perfect wedding. Every detail attended to, every arrangement as stunning as it should be for your day.