Event Flowers You Can't Resist

What is your dream event? Are you already in the planning stages? Take a moment, imagine it'so whatever your venue, no matter what your business or the occasion, you can transform your office, restaurant or chosen party space with the right flowers for events. See how you event flowers become a crucial component of your success.

Event flowers that make a difference. At Todich Floral Design we love to think about what flowers are for—corporate events, holiday flowers, birthdays, weddings, engagements—at your home, a hotel or elsewhere. We also ask who the person is, if it is a celebration or retirement party; or we will also go ahead and find out more about the business, the purpose of the event or special occasion, and let that dictate and shape the form and types of event flowers for each bouquet.

Fresh event flowers are so much fun. They're captivating and a little wild and the right way to bring your guests or clients into a state where they're ready to relax, be attentive and focused on a presentation, or comfortable and enjoy themselves for the evening.

So really, as long as your event flowers are meaningful and thoughtfully put together, you are on the path to throwing a successful bash, grand opening, evening gala, soirée or any celebration you can dream of. For reception areas and waiting rooms, you can create comfortable, soothing space and relaxed ambiance by utilizing potted and indoor plants.



When you buy flowers for events: consider ambiance, be space-specific. Large desk bouquets and fresh seasonal flowers are a pleasant touch and imbue a sense of levity and abundance in any environment—something your clients and customers will surely appreciate once they are put at ease. (This is especially true if they find themselves anxious or waiting unexpectedly!). Hotel flowers spectacular floral designs can enthrall guests and radiate luxury, whether your aim, as a designer, manager or event planner, is to greet or entertain for the evening. Flowers for events should be reflective of and as uniquely memorable as your business, your culture, and the value you aim provide.

There is always a budget to consider, too, and you want to find a balance between sleek design and modern finish on your event flower bouquets, but, of course, without breaking the bank. Finished off with dark green—or autumn colored—foliage and lush, inspired blossoms, floral arrangements and your flowers for events can create a big impact on the success of your evening or event and the overall impression you make!



Premier London florists at Todich Floral Design revel in working together with our clients to create something that meets their needs and goes beyond, even with budget constraints in mind, and yet never sacrifices elegance or sophistication.

Corporate flowers to help you thrive. Fresh-cut flowers in the workplace are increasingly acknowledged as small yet important to employee success, known to help boost productivity, spur creativity, and reduce levels of indoor air pollution. They are also a bright, welcoming sight, both day-to-day and as beautiful weekly flowers. It’s the small, carefully placed details that potential customers and future clients will truly appreciate.