Seasonal Wedding Flower Trends from Todich Floral Design

Choosing seasonal wedding flowers is a big deal in the wedding world at the moment, as they have the great advantage of being an affordable choice. Picking the wedding flowers in season doesn’t necessary mean you have to change your wedding theme or style. There are so many blooms to choose from that you’re bound to find the ones that match the colour scheme and wedding look you have planned. Seasonal wedding flowers are also much kinder to the environment – especially if they’re sourced locally. Some people choose to grow their own flowers in their garden, but your London wedding florist Todich Floral Design will be able to advise you on what’s in season when you tie the knot.

The Really Wild Look: Wedding Bridal Bouquets in Rustic Style

The ethos behind seasonal flowers suits couples looking for a rustic look for their wedding flowers: natural, organic and just-picked. Wedding bouquets in rustic wild style forgo formal shapes and go for a free-form look that overflows, abundant with flowers of different colours and shapes and trailing foliage. It all creates a magical, woodland look that celebrates nature.

Wedding centrepieces similarly have a sense of being just-picked and gathered from the garden, with vines trailing across the table and flowers punctuating the display in points of colour, while other blooms roll over the leaves. 

Favourite wedding flowers for this style are roses, peonies and wild flowers like cornflowers, daisies and delphiniums.

Spring and Summer Seasonal Flowers

What’s on offer to choose from in the upcoming months? As you’d expect, spring and summer are the perfect seasons for flowers and there are a huge range of beautiful blooms to select for wedding. In spring, rustic flowers like tulips, freesias, narcissus and sweet peas make beautiful features of wedding table decorations and wedding bouquets. As summer draws in there are vibrant blooms like dahlias, hydrangeas, carnations and chrysanthemums on the menu. Even if you’re planning a winter wedding, there are so many beautiful blooms that can make up your bouquets and decorations – and foliage can be a central feature. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Todich Floral Design for a consult about what flowers will be in season on your wedding date; we would love nothing more than to help you plan your wedding, elegant and perfect, down to the last detail.