Wedding Corsages

Even though Corsages aren’t commonplace in all modern weddings, they are a must should you be hosting something more traditional. The important female family members, along with both the bride and the groom, will wear corsages. They can cost upwards of £20 pounds each (with some costing over £100). They come is various forms so wedding shoppers can expect to be faced with a variety of choices, with some being more budget friendly than others.

Those on a tight budget would be best served going with something simple, yet colour coordinating. Maybe an alternative, such as single coloured rose, could also be considered a viable option. Those with more money to spare can attempt to locate corsages with a more complex look and design.

Events Florists in London

Your flower choices will be rendered pointless if you don’t have the correct florist handling them. Look for recommendations from friends or those who are going to be involved with your wedding, such as planners and photographers. The latter should be experienced enough in the industry to tell a good florist from an unreliable one.

Always make sure you see examples of a florists work before committing to them, as it is usually the best of indication of the quality of display they can produce. Before signing on with a set florist get to know their style (the last thing you need is an edgy looking display at a traditional wedding), so ask the florist how they would describe themselves, along with how they would look to address the appearance of your wedding. Following up from that try and get a grasp on how many jobs they have booked on the same day and week as your wedding. When looking for a florist with a flawless reputation, be sure to visit Todich Floral Design and take a look at their various wedding day packages.

Final Thoughts

When planning a wedding, dress, venue and food will always be considered top priorities. However, you should also put flowers onto that list, as floral arrangements can either make or break the atmosphere of a wedding.

Everything from the bouquet to the centrepieces can have an effect on the atmosphere, look and feel of a wedding. This guide has looked at the importance of wedding flowers and what wedding planners should be looking out for when the time comes to part with your money. When it comes to finding a florist that understands all the above and more, be sure to speak to Todich Floral Design, the leading florist in the South London area.